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In-game name: _DKC
Alts: 4Pizza, Larp1
Status: Active and no longer locked up
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First joined: April 22nd, 2021
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Location: Pvp world
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Clans: Holy States of Francis (Former) , The Wyvernblade (Former), YeeterMyPeeter (Former), The 88 (Current)
Bases: Cope Town, Balls Town, The Alamo, Copetopia, Big Mountain
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DKC is an active player who came from an old vanilla anarchy server that Jake276493 used to run. After this server would shut down him and his friends, most notable of which is 1590283112, would join Sim. He has a very complicated relationship with others on the server, all of which he loves.


The Beginning of the End

As DKC played his old main server, he quickly realized that said server wouldn't last very long after him and his friends left. Knowing this him and 1590283112 began to migrate to SimPVP because of the old server's owners attachment to it. After his group, The 88, had grew and fell on Jake276493's server they packed up and left.


(The NOBSMC Christmas Party during the server's prime)