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Ingame name: VanDeStad
Alts: None
Status: Active
First joined: December 2018

Bases: Unnamed

VanDeStad joined the server in December of 2018, his first server since Beta 1.8, and has been playing steadily (and constantly AFK fishing) since then.

He started out dying to "/op", starving to death, and being trolled by invisible players. Rumpslem took pity on him and taught him how to use the new-to-him Elytra, and gifted him one that he has to this day. VanDeStad wandered from temporary base to temporary base, often losing his place or abandoning half-finished projects. He created a castle at 0, 0 in /world in commemoration of one such death to lava, which he stocked with excess enchanted rods and bows from his afk fisher, as well as food for noobs.

The castle was annexed by Ostrich, who declared it another extension of Struthio. However, the castle fell into neglect, the entrance was lavacasted, and Ostrich did not come back to reclaim it.

VanDeStad continued to travel from project to project, briefly creating a small tower home and valley with 8cream8machine8. Cream left for a new, farther from spawn base, and Van continued on to a new project.

Traveling from spawn, he happened upon the incursion on Fort Cranberry by ostrich, and joined the invaders as an independent contractor, constructing a large carrot farm, pumpkin farm, mob-proof bridge, and cocoa bean plantation. During the battle of Fort Cranberry, he remained neutral and observed the legendary battle from the fort's battlements.