Fort Cranberry

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Fort Cranberry
Name: Fort Cranberry
Alts: The Colony of Fort Cranberry
Status: Heavily Greifed

Formed: August 2018

Coords: x=-2400 z=-170
Members: CranberryWarrior, Jero46

Fort Cranberry is a cobblestone fortress near Spawn created by CranberryWarrior and Jero46 sometime in August 2018. It consists of many miscellaneous buildings and a tower surrounded by a fortified wall.


The base was abandoned by its founders for a few months until January 2019, when it was annexed by Struthio under ostrich1414 and renamed "The Colony of Fort Cranberry", similarly to Struthio's first and former colony, Bapadia. Players AaronRC93 and talksalot011 were designated the Head Administrator and Vice Administrator of the colony, respectively, and soon other players would join the budding colony, including Melonbai and clipchip. Under the new regime, ostrich1414 ordered for the capture and/or death of CranberryWarrior in order to ensure their hold on the fort to retain power.

VanDeStad joined the fort as a farm builder, but left the ranks after CranberryWarrior swore his revenge.


On January 18th, 2019 when the fort was first annexed and colonized, CranberryWarrior himself joined the game, where he discovered his base had been taken over. After being killed by Melonbai multiple times because of ostrich1414's kill order, CranberryWarrior eventually headed back to the fort for revenge, this time decorated in full diamond armor and an elytra. CranberryWarrior engaged in an extensive twenty-minute long battle, with CranberryWarrior eventually emerging victorious, slaying Melonbai in a two-block-deep hole. Afterwards, CranberryWarrior would repeatedly murder talksalot011, and reclaim his fort back for himself.


Two days later, on January 20th, 2019, CranberryWarrior relogged again, discovering that his fort had yet again been colonized. This time, however, CranberryWarrior was attacked by clipchip. After a prolonged battle in the fort itself, the attack transitioned to the PvP world where CranberryWarrior attempted to buy a bow and arrow from VanDeStad. He was immediately slain by clipchip and promptly left the server, thus marking the takeover of Fort Cranberry a victory for its colonizers, at least this time.

The next day, CranberryWarrior would make a final attempt to kill his opponents manually; after slaying talksalot011 and AaronRC93, he began yet another lengthy battle with Melonbai; however, this time, nobody died. Two days later, Melonbai accidentally detonated a secret TNT trap set by CranberryWarrior underneath the fort's warehouse; this created a massive crater and destroyed three buildings. Melonbai and ostrich1414 promptly fixed this and rebuilt the fort's east end.