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Ingame name: 8cream8machine8
Alts: HoleyCannoli
Status: Active
First joined: December 30th, 2018

Location: Newfoundland and Labrador, the People's Socialist Republic of Canada

Bases: Various Unnamed Bases

8cream8machine8 is a player who joined the server on December 30th, 2018. Starting out similarly to most new players, 8cream8machine8 arrived at a decimated Spawn with no food or allies; however, unlike most new players, she immediately walked 14,000 blocks out until she settled in a heavily-forested area, founding a base loosely referred to as her "Treebase". Unfortunately, in the midst of establishing this base, 8cream8machine8 died with an invalid bed and was sent back to spawn. It was here where she met clipchip, who she promptly brought with her to her Treebase. Shortly thereafter, another new player known as VanDeStad would join the two at her base. However, Treebase would eventually be griefed and was severely burned by a new player 8cream8machine8 had brought in order to determine his trustworthiness.

8cream8machine8 would eventually leave Treebase and establish a new, equally-uncreatively named base, "Oldbase". Here, 8cream8machine8 made a much bigger building, with a spiky roof, almost resembling a soaring cathedral. Unfortunately, Oldbase was severely destroyed just as VanDeStad had arrived there. Below is a picture of Oldbase prior to the grief:


After this, 8cream8machine8 would move once more, this time working solo as she began building a new unnamed project. This new effort consisted of a massive hole in the ground, where she would begin slowly moving underground. Eventually, however, MisterStrawman would join 8cream8machine8 here on his alt PeanutSniper.

Despite being relatively new, 8cream8machine8 has made a name for herself on the server's culture and possesses various allies, both old and new, constantly networking through trade, collaborations and assistance. 8cream8machine8 is typically seen associating with clipchip, JavelinFury and MisterStrawman. However, 8cream8machine8 is also the subject of scorn from Fluz43, who has her ignored in the server's chat.

8cream8machine8 also took part in the infamous Novus Castle raid between her allies and YeeterMyPeeter; unfortunately, despite being adorned in fully-maxxed diamond armor, she was killed, alongside ostrich1414.