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Name: Weevlesville

Status: Griefed

Formed: Late 2019
Abandoned: 2020
Location: 80k Out
Members: Jesus_warrior69, willowienal wawuwiva electricchugg Jupiter Blockplanet94 Swiggle_and_fig Spank Sinatra Sky1


Weevlesville was a base founded by Wawuwiva in late 2019, later willowienal and multiple other in real life friends would join him there. The style of the base was medieval, but not super detailed tryhard Minecraft medieval, chill oak log medieval. It didn't feature that many farms, it was kind of like an SMP chill sorta base where we goofed off. Anyway because of the amount of fun we had there the base grew to be one of our most gigantic bases! it topped GFC in the surface area.


This was considered willowienal and wawuwivas first major base on the server. And it will go down as one of my favorites. There were a few wars there, the first being the elytra wars, these were when everyone at the base finally got elytra's and had a faceoff in the sky with their new bows. Casualties; Sky1 Swiggles and Wawuwiva. The Second war was the Redstone virus swiggle and fig made a bunch of Redstone blocks and placed them everywhere all over the town messing up valuable Redstone constructions like jesuswarriors fully functioning shower in his shack. The Secret Society was founded at Weevlesville, aswell, with the initiation ceremonies killing ElectricChugg and Swiggles. The base was abanodned do to a suspected stalker, and it was later griefed by someone after we abandoned it.


Ww142.png Ww11.png Ww13.png Ww14.png