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Name: Wawuwiva
Ingame name: Wawuwiva
Alts: Unknown
Status: Active player
First joined: October 31st, 2019

Clans: Church of Francis
Bases: Svürgenstadt, Weevlesville, Sigil, Tuggle Town, Olja, Orion7, Monument City, Olgremont

Starting out

cold, naked, afraid, hungry. These are all words to describe Wawuwiva's first night on SimPvP. Right off he decided to go out a very long way right from the start, but twas to no avail, for he ended up starving after going out only a mere 1500 blocks out because no animals would spawn. Upon returning to spawn, he was done with the server and ready to leave to find a new one when behold, a sign caught his eye. Melon Farm. Thanks to this melon farm his hopes were rekindled. He then started out on a second, much bigger expedition, which took place at first in the nether. He was coming along with the small caves in the nether when he saw a sign to a town called tamarisk, where he. found shulkers and shulkers of good loot, which sent him off nicely on his journey.


After about 10 days after he started his own base, which he called Wawu the farmer's humble shack, he was talking to willowienal about starting a base. Wawuwiva, at this time, had no idea how far out was safe, so he suggested, and maintained that the base should be at a maximum of 5k out. This was mostly due to the fact that he is a lazy piece of shit and didn't feel like walking 20k blocks to the place which willow had picked. Alas, in the end, he got up and decided to go to willows location, which took him about a full irl day and 3 deaths that sent him back to spawn. He showed up at the set location to start building his first house. He was very proud of this build and cherished it every second of the rest of his days there. He then started up a huge chicken farm, with an "advanced hopper system" to bring the eggs to the large storage. He also created a large pumpkin patch and wheat field and started pumping out pumpkin pies. One sad day he made the mistake of inviting Skirtus to the base, who leaked coords in public chat, which now that I think about it, wouldn't have done anything because people don't randomly go the small spawn bases to grief them if they aren't even sure that there's something there, But after that, the base was selfly griefed and abandoned.

Betzy the Cow

During his time in Svürgenstadt he was off in the fields killing cows until he saw this one cow. Betzy. This cow was different, and she was to be the one who would save us from our sin. Though Betzy was grazing quite far away from the base, Wawu still took his time to lead her to Svürgenstadt with wheat, which was extremely slow due to tps lag. Betzy roamed around the town for 12 days and nights, until on the 22nd of November, the unexpected happened. Wawuwiva was down in the mines when he heard an intense rumble of thunder. He ran up the mine, fast as he could, and saw Betzy nowhere. He ran around the area yelling for her to come home, but she wouldn't. It was at this moment when his eyes wandered to the cactuses in the town. There he saw the dreaded name tag, raw beef, and leather. He later made a monument for Betzy and put her in the casket below the monument. Twas after Betzy's death that everything went downhill for the town


The Griefing of Tamarisk

In March of 2020 Wawuwiva and willowienal grief Tamarisk with TNT and lavacasts for some reason.