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Ingame name: Wobbot
Status: Active
First joined: September 3rd, 2020

Location: Spawn

Wobbot is a bot that first joined the server on September 3rd, 2020. Much like Robot_Francis, Wobbot is a bot specifically programmed to transmit SimPvP's chat onto a Discord server; other than that, it serves no true purpose and sits idle at spawn, AFK in a "Bot Viewing Cage", where it has sat since September. The bot was created, programmed, and is owned by MoWobbler.

Wobbot Wobbot.PNG


Created and programmed by MoWobbler, Wobbot first joined the server on September 3rd, 2020. This was around the time that the city of Quabbin was starting up, a base which MoWobbler was a founding member of. As such, he set Wobbot permanently at spawn to record and display an ongoing stream of SimPvP's live chat on Quabbin's Discord server, with all members of Quabbin having access to the bot and its commands. While the bot served no true function (it was largely a chat-recording AFK bot), users can speak through it using .say and relog using .rejoin. Any player can message Wobbot "stay on" as well, to evade /on checks. One of Wobbot's most well-known quirks is its ability to repeat things in chat after they have been said twice by two different players. For example: if one player says "Hello!", and another separate player says "Hello!", Wobbot will do the same in response and say "Hello!".

On May 9th, 2021, Wobbot officially became public to the SimPvP community, after many months of being privately held. This came weeks after April 29th, when Wobbot officially moved from the Quabbin Discord server to the much larger and more public SimpPvP Discord, where it was privately used by the server admins until being fully released to all users. Currently, Wobbot displays chat logs to the users of the Discord server, but occasionally players will be selected on merit of trust and given access to using Wobbot's commands.

Wobbot at Spawn.png