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Ingame name: MoWobbler
Status: Active
First joined: February 10th, 2019

Clans: Coalition of Allied Bases (Current), Shadow Mcmafia (Current)
Bases: Aurora Outpost, Aurora, Florestria, Yittrium

MoWobbler is a player who joined the server on February 10th, 2019. He has been very active during this year, participating in many of SimPvP's most notable bases of 2019. MoWobbler is most known for his intricate architecture and his unrivaled talent for interior design.


As soon as he first logged in, MoWobbler was taken to Novus Castle by ostrich1414, where the two met up with the castle's owner, cmlove. MoWobbler stayed here for the next few days, acquiring resources to get himself started. Unfortunately, a team of griefers known as YeeterMyPeeter (or #TeamYMP) joined the server, threatening to raid the castle. What resulted was the infamous Raid of Novus Castle on February 16th, 2019, which forced MoWobbler to flee from his first home and settle elsewhere.


On February 24th, 2019, MoWobbler founded the Aurora Outpost, a small base dedicated to agriculture and industry. The base featured a plethora of farms, included a villager and iron farm, as well as a large hilltop castle.


Shortly afterwards, MoWobbler would found another base, this time simply known as Aurora.

By mid-March 2019, MoWobbler was invited to the city Florestria by ostrich1414. Here, MoWobbler contributed greatly, creating many unique builds within the city such as the Florestria Arena, the Florestria Music Hall, and the Florestria Mall. MoWobbler also contributed to the city's massive gold farm.


In May 2019, Florestria's survival became threatened as the city's active members were forced to flee to a new location, including MoWobbler. They eventually settled on a new city, much more secure than before. This city, Yittrium, would serve as a the Florestria crew's newest project. Here, MoWobbler created the automated "Yittrium Community Storage Facility", his personal house, and a complex of two massive twin towers, connected by a bridge and featuring various farms, mini games and office spaces. Later, he would construct the city's massive guardian farm, as well as a massive renovation on the storage facility.