Worldborder Expedition

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On the 29th of May 2018, long-time player DakkaDok began a journey almost directly south from Spawn. The goal of this expedition was to eventually reach the worldborder at 30 million blocks from spawn.
DakkaDok used his alt Dakka_TRAVELER for this project and started out flying with his elytra in the overworld.

On the 3rd of June 2018, he stopped in a Savanna almost 900k blocks from spawn, as he had run out of rockets. At this opportunity, he built the first outpost of the expedition, a small hut on a hill.
Later on the same day, he reached the 1 million block mark, a personal record for Dakkadok at the time.


DakkaDok died for the first time during the expedition on the 4th of June. Two days later, on the 6th, he received enough supplies from clipchip to continue his journey. In return, he promised to give clipchip access to a portal to the worldborder once he completed his journey. After reclaiming his lost gear, he continued traveling in the nether.
On the 9th of June 2018, DakkaDok reached over 4 Million blocks from Spawn, passing Melvin3000 for second place in the Distance traveled records.
Later that month, he reached 8 million blocks from spawn and officially became the player farthest from spawn, a position formerly held by Infam0us.

In summer, DakkaDok took almost two months of break from traveling, choosing to work on Isengard instead. Shortly after, he reached the halfway point of the journey, 15 million blocks from spawn, on the 17th of September. He rested here for several weeks and constructed a monument celebrating his progress.


The Blaze Breakthrough

On the 9th of November, DakkaDok discovered that he could take up the entire nether mobcap by keeping 200 Blazes alive in a farm using an alt. This prevented pigmen from spawning and despawning in the sections of the nether he flew through, which drastically lowered the amount of lag he generated and increased his traveling speed.


On the 18th of November 2018, the server was updated to 1.13. This caused some additional lag while traveling, but the expedition continued mostly unhindered.

On the 24th of November, however, DakkaDok ran out of food, rockets, and obsidian at the same time. Unable to return to the overworld to resupply, he had no choice but to stash his gear and kill himself, returning to his last bed nearly 2 million blocks back. He was also forced to rent a set of elytras from clipchip to continue the journey once again. He retrieved his gear on the 28th of November, shortly before reaching 22 million blocks from spawn. However, the /portal chain he was working on was broken by his death. On the very next day, DakkaDok died in an accident involving a wall and was once again reset to 21 million.

Nos Aeterna

After traveling to the 22 million mark for a third time, DakkaDok decided to temporarily quit traveling and started working on his new city, Nos Aeterna. Months later, he has not started traveling again, and it is unclear whether he ever will.

Sometime after this, clipchip started his own expedition and successfully reached the world border, making him the first player on the server to ever do so.


Distance from Spawn Date first achieved
Start 2018-05-29
1 000 000 2018-06-3
4 000 000 2018-06-9
10 000 000 2018-06-20
13 000 000 2018-07-14
14 000 000 2018-09-12
15 000 000 2018-9-17
16 000 000 2018-11-5
17 000 000 2018-11-10
18 000 000 2018-11-11
19 000 000 2018-11-15
20 000 000 2018-11-17
21 000 000 2018-11-22
22 000 000 2018-11-29