Nos Aeterna

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Nos Aeterna
Name: Nos Aeterna

Status: Active

Formed: Autumn 2018

Coords: Confidential
Members: Dakkadok

Nos Aeterna, also known as the Eternal City, is DakkaDok's last iteration of the Nos Astra project. It was founded in autumn of 2018 during the Worldborder Expedition.

Dakka EC FirstHouse.png

The Industrial District

This district contains all of the farms and factories as well as much of the storage and infrastructure of the city.

Dakka EC IndustrialDistrict.png

The Commercial District

Shops, banks, and entertainment buildings are located here.

Dakka EC CommercialDistrict.png

The Central District

This district, located at the center of the city, contains most of the housing and government buildings.

Dakka EC CentralDistrict.png