Nos Aeterna

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Nos Aeterna
Name: Nos Aeterna

Status: Active

Formed: 30th of November 2018

Coords: Confidential
Members: Dakkadok, ostrich1414, clipchip, SinthorasAlb1337, CrackyJoe, Sengorn Leopard


The First Year

The Founding

Nos Aeterna, also known as the Eternal City, was founded in autumn of 2018 during the Worldborder Expedition by DakkaDok.

Rapid Expansion

Over the course of the next three months, he worked on the city a lot and it quickly grew in all directions. However, he started to grow bored with it at the end of this time and stopped working on it as much, focusing instead on other projects.

Joining the CAB

The city of Nos Aeterna joined the Coalition of Allied Bases on the 31st of March 2019. The CAB's mostly peaceful, building-oriented agenda fit DakkaDok's preferences perfectly. This step likely helped convince him to invite other players to the base.

Allied City of Struthio

After joining the CAB, DakkaDok was invited to ostrich1414's city, Struthio. He constructed an embassy and resided there until Struthio was destroyed and abandoned later that year.

First Immigration

On the 18th of April 2019, DakkaDok decided to finally bring other players into his city to help build and keep it from stagnating. Since there is no portal connection to the city, this meant flying over 7 million blocks back towards spawn to set up a temporary link. He finished this journey ten days later, on the 28th of April. The first group of people invited to the city included ostrich1414, Sengorn Leopard and CrackyJoe from Struthio, his IRL friend SinthorasAlb1337, and clipchip. Due to the lack of a permanent connection between Nos Aeterna and Spawn, most of the invited players sent an alt to permanently live at the city.

This decision proved to have an immediate effect on the city's development. Not only did the new residents start constructing their own buildings, their arrival also motivated DakkaDok to begin investing more time into the city.

Allied City of Francistan

On the 10th of October 2019, DakkaDok was invited to Lord1's city, Francistan. He constructed an embassy and lives there with an alt account.

The End of the CAB

The Coalition of Allied Bases, which Nos Aeterna had been a part of, disbanded on the 23rd of November 2019 due to general inactivity. Though still informally allied, the former members did not see the need to continue in an official and regulated coalition.

The Second Year

The Rise of SimPvE

On the 4th of December 2019, DakkaDok created his own server, SimPvE, with the intention of building his larger projects there. This followed a period of stagnation at Nos Aeterna, with members busy elsewhere or generally demotivated. Nothing major has been built at Nos Aeterna since.


Dakka EC FirstHouse.png NosAeternaSkylineJuly.png

The Industrial District

This district contains all of the factories as well as much of the storage and infrastructure of the city. Although originally located in a central valley near the First House, additional industrial districts have sprung up in other valleys throughout the base.

Dakka EC IndustrialDistrict.png

The Agricultural District

Farms are grouped together in this area.

Dakka EC AgriculturalDistrict.png

The Commercial District

Shops, banks, and entertainment buildings are located here.

Dakka EC CommercialDistrict.png

The Central District

This district, located at the center of the city, contains most of the housing and government buildings. The district is built around the Central Park.

Dakka EC CentralDistrict.png Dakka EC CentralPark.png