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== ShitStania ==
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Shitstania as viewed from the surface
Shitstania as viewed from the surface

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Name: Shitstania

Status: Griefed/Obliterated

Formed: January 2020
Abandoned: April 2020

Coords: 40,250,40
Members: Listed in the "Members" Section

Shitstania as viewed from the surface

Shitstania is a city founded by IAmTheSheriff in Summer 2019. It is unique from other bases by directly clinging to the wall of spawn, with a small hole used to access an indestructible bed, ender chest, and many more useful things. It has been a target of many griefs, but that is seen as part of the fun.

The Beginning

In the summer of 2019, IAmTheSheriff was moving his home at the McCapital. He had finished his new home, and was eager to move in. Upon his next death, however, he was shocked to find that his bed has been broken and not reset in the moving. His spirit broken, Sheriff refused to leave spawn. He toiled aimlessly at the spawn parkour, while thinking about what he wanted to do next. As if it were a sign, Sheriff knew his calling as soon as he finished the course. At the end was a small house on a floating island, with some appliances and a bed. What interested him most, however, was a 2x1 hole in this specific area of the glass case surrounding spawn. This would allow him to move between this indestructible 'starter base", and his new city. However, he knew that a base directly next to spawn would never last long. He considered it akin to shitposting, making a joke so stupid one couldn't help but laugh. By Ostrich1414's suggestion, this idea was integrated into the new name "Shitstania".


The base began small, with Sheriff first venturing into spawn to find saplings. Once he found enough, he returned to his plot with enough stone pickaxes to dig a sizeable hole into the lavacast surrounding the hole. While he began excavation to expose the entire area to sunlight, he eventually started a tunnel which headed deeper, as well. In this time, Sheriff equated building at Shitstania to building at a skyblock world, focusing on renewable blocks like cobblestone and wood. However, soon after the plans began coming together, disaster struck.

Loads a' Griefing

Many griefers would come to Shitstania to destroy its farms and other structures. Sheriff never kept track of who griefed what, however, so only guesses can be made by various calling cards. Ipyxis, Antzakes, and The Fellowship all left a sign or other calling card at Shitstania, although not all of them may have griefed it.

Don't Call it a Comeback

After quitting for several months, Sheriff returned to simpvp in mid-December. He found Shitstania in ruin again, but he had his inventory and e-chest items to work off of. This rejuvenation era lasts until today, although it has already seen heavy griefing. It has various farms, a church of melon (formerly a church of Franklin), a cobble generator, and a large glass-floored room overlooking a deep tunnel left by a previous TNT-duped grief.

A Run of Bad Luck

On January 17, 2020, Lord1 griefed Shitstania following his trial that left him the butt of many jokes. Perhaps as a sign of God (or a testament to Lord's sub-par griefing skills), Greg, Shitstania's mascot Iron Golem, survived. Repairs are underway, and should not take a substantial amount of time to complete.

Unda da Sea

Following AntHand and Lord1's waterlogging of spawn, Shitstania became submerged in water. Plans are underway by AntHand and VetoTheNeato to dry out Shitstania.

Visitor List

Shitstania, being a public base, has seen various visitors over it's lifespan. These include:








Unknown Fellowship members