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Ingame name: AntHand
Status: Active
First joined: February 11th, 2019

Clans: Coalition of Allied Bases (Current), Caudices (Current)
Bases: Iberia, Florestria, Yittrium


On February 11, 2019, AntHand joined the server. Invited there by his friend egnaroky, he quickly became frustrated with the server's no-plugin policy. However, after settling in a small base 10k blocks from spawn, he started to become attached to the server's simple vanilla playstyle. AntHand remained at this small base for nearly a month, building up diamond gear and a small kelp exp farm, as well as forging a few alliances. It was around this time that the clipchip /world controversy began.

The Clipchip /World War

While peacefully trading with ostrich1414 in /world one day, AntHand was ambushed and killed by clipchip, losing his only diamond pickaxe at the time. Spun into a fury, AntHand began plotting his revenge. While he was very poor at the time, he managed to scrounge enough resources to make 12 instant damage 2 potions. The plan was to lure clipchip into /world with the promise of a trade deal, and then blast him with the damage II pots. AntHand neglected to realize that the protection enchantment protects against damage II, and that it requires a direct hit to do any serious damage. When the day of the plot came, AntHand, egnaroky, and even Antzakes1, a budding ally, entered /world. The plan went horribly wrong, with only 1 heart of damage was dealt. AntHand was immediately killed, while egnaroky and Antzakes1 managed to escape. However, this small event had huge consequences on AntHand and egnaroky's well-being later on. While transferring over three stacks of redstone blocks, turtle eggs, and iron to egnaroky in /world, AntHand was attacked and murdered again. It was clear that clipchip did not take transgressions lightly. This continual violence mostly perpetrated by clipchip was the major motivation behind the later griefing of Java Linsghey.

Greater Horizons

AntHand and egnaroky began to realize that their small 10k base was far too close to spawn for safety, and started a migration to more distant pastures. Nearly dying several times, the two hiked through the nether on foot before emerging from a nether portal above 1.13 ocean. The nearest landmass was a peninsula similar to shape of Spain and Portugal, so AntHand dubbed the new city Iberia. Egnaroky disagreed with this decision, so for now the base is unnamed. As of May 2019, the base has become relatively stagnant, but includes a chicken farm, villager breeder, gunpowder farm, and impoverished cobblestone buildings.


In mid-March, AntHand moved to Florestria. Less impoverished at this time, he was able to immediately construct a tower on an island in the middle of the lake. Early activities at Florestria included basic cartography, terraforming, and the construction of its city hall. By the end of March, AntHand had completed a large blimp-shaped gunpowder farm above the lake and was in the early stages of constructing a large gold farm there. His previously mentioned alliance with Antzakes1 was stronger than ever at this time, with many trade deals and gifts going between them. Antzakes1 would give a 50% emerald cut for trading flesh with clerics, helping AntHand recover from the many clipchip attacks. By the end of April, the gold farm was complete and AntHand was in progress of working on the Florestria Zoo. One of the defining and sinister moments of server history took place at this time.

Anthand-Antzakes Collusion

While living in Florestria, Antzakes1 shared the location of an old and revered base, Java Linsghey. Since it partially belonged to clipchip and JavelinFury, the main belligerents against AntHand, the allies were all too eager to destroy it. While the base was mostly abandoned, pillaging still ensued. Ten shulker boxes, several sets of diamond armor, and stacks of iron were taken from chests around the city. As an act of revenge, the ten emerald mending villager was shot and killed, the melon farm disabled, and buildings built by clip and Javelin were partially griefed. AntHand then leaked coordinates to the entirety of the server in a final blow to the base's security. This event strengthened trust between AntHand and Antzakes even more.

Later, Antzakes willingly shared coordinates to the recently discovered Struthio, allowing AntHand to visit and marvel at the hallowed city. A couple days later, Antzakes asked AntHand for Florestria coordinates, and, trusting that Antzakes would not engage in acts of malice, shared coords with him. A couple weeks later, Anthand would suffer the consequences of this when ShadyB0B revealed that he and others had bought the coordinates from Antzakes, compromising the whole city. Chris Chord, in a separate event, presented this information to the Florestrians which led to Anthand's confession that he was the one who gave Antzakes1 the coords. The situation reached its climax when, enraged, ostrich1414 bombed Anthand while he was AFK in the gunpowder farm, destroying all the drops in an instant. After a couple hours of discord conversation, both ostrich1414 and AntHand realized that Antzakes1 was the mastermind behind the whole situation and AntHand never intended anything bad to happen to Florestria. Regardless, AntHand tore down his tower in shame and officially resigned from the city.


For weeks after the downfall of Florestria, AntHand decided to take a hiatus from all team activities and reflect on his poor decisions. Eventually, he became bored with this detachment and was convinced by ostrich1414 to rejoin the Florestria team. At this point, ostrich1414 had located an area for a new city and MoWobbler had built some small structures there. The team had elected to call this new place Yittrium, mostly because no bases in the wiki started with a 'Y'. AntHand arrived shortly after and began working on a sandstone house with an all-gold dome to "flex on the spawn rats". Later he would build a gunpowder farm, arena, tree farm, and even an automatic mining machine in Yittrium, adding to the city's extremely quick growth.

On July 16, 2019, Ostrich1414 proposed to recruit cheesy_chips22 into Yittrium. AntHand and Cheesy were on good terms, but Cheesy also had loyalty to clipchip's Shadow Mcmafia. Since Cheesy was the personal bodyguard of one of AntHand's greatest enemies, he had some doubt about allowing Cheesy into the city. With the help of Cheesy and Ostrich1414, AntHand started loosening tension between him and the Mafia. After explaining his role in the downfall of Florestria to the uninformed clipchip, relations seemed good enough to allow Cheesy into the city. Later, both clipchip and Anthnad entered /world and no conflict occurred, signaling the end of the 6 month conflict.