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Ingame name: VetoTheNeato
Alts: Confidential
Status: Active
First joined: March 16, 2019

Location: Eastern United States

Clans: The Drago Guard, Shadow Mcmafia, Sigil, Takyon, Exultia (Current)
Bases: Founder of: The Drago Guard, Sigil, Takyon and Exultia.

Member of: Yittrium, Craftablia, Shadow Mcmafia, Shitstania, Super Sexy Cool Base


~Veto the Neato

VetoTheNeato is known for his various leadership roles across Simpvp history, being the leader of The Drago Guard, Sigil, Takyon, and Exultia. He was an active member of Yittrium, served as a leader during The Second Siege (going as far to be the first to dub it "The Hispanic Panic"), he lead during the 2nd Hispanic Panic and even bedtrapped the popular YouTuber leading the raid on the server. Veto hosted & organized the very first Simpvp Summit, the bi-yearly event where Simpvp's major leaders get together to discuss the server's future. He's lead efforts to repair spawn infrastructure and nether highways. Despite being a member/visitor to numerous major Simpvp bases, he has never leaked, griefed, or raided any bases.

He is also known for blasting the popular indie hip-hop/rap group Death Grips in any Simpvp voice chat he is present in. This behavior continues even during important events, such as Simpvp Summit.


Crash Landing

VetoTheNeato is a player who joined the server on March 16th, 2019. On his first day, he ran down the south spawn axis, reaching an ocean. He travelled several thousand blocks out and began construction of a small farmhouse in a mushroom biome. He made sure to hide it behind a hill so those travelling down the south axis would not see it. In retrospect, they could have turned their heads a little bit and seen it. He invited IAmTheSheriff, and the pair finished the modestly-sized oak building. Veto, with his intentions to make a massive base, invited a random person who was playing. He was unlucky, choosing The_Arma. After being told Arma would probably kill him, Veto picked another random player to defend the base. The_Arma arrived, saw the player, said "Shit, it was a trap!" and left. He spent 2 more days wandering spawn, but found luck when player TheOnlySlash offered him a position at his own clan, The Fellowship. Slash, accompanied by his teammate Arma, proceeded to bed-trap Veto, repeatedly kill him, and upload the incident to YouTube and Reddit under the title "Purification of Simpvp". Then, Slash's mother texted Slash, remarking on the video's quality and Slash's skill. It is unknown whether or not the messages were legitimate. After another brief, short-lived base (a small farmhouse less than 1k blocks from spawn), Veto and IAmTheSheriff made a pilgrimage thousands of blocks away to ensure their base would never be found.

The Drago Guard

Fort Drago approx. 1 month after founding.

After multiple days of travel on foot and in boats, they arrived at what would be known as Fort Drago and began construction on The Drago Guard. Monthly progress videos were posted during this time, which have since been unlisted but can still be found on archived reddit posts and the Simpvp Youtube Video Archive. After Veto founded The Drago Guard, a new member, WarWolf_13 followed suit the day after he joined SimPvP. Fort Drago became the headquarters of the Drago Guard, which was a base that flourished with large builds and intricate architecture. The base featured multiple automatic farms, aesthetic builds, and the server's only 3x3 piston automated door. During this time, player JavelinFury found the base while looking for an old build of his. Veto was online at the time, and gave Jav a brief tour. Others, such as TheOnlySlash have found the base since then, but it has not once been raided, griefed, or leaked. One day, after Veto and Cheese completed work on a plaza build, they noticed a wolf sticking his head through a corner in the build. Even after multiple days, the wolf remained. Veto tamed the dog, and he was deemed "corner dog" or "Corneroy". He was a de facto mascot for Drago Guard and was used by Veto as an example of "Drago Guard's supreme power". As a sign of power and wealth, Veto, IamTheSheriff and Cheese began construction on the "Big Ass Tower". Estimated to have been made up of over 100,000 blocks, the tower stood tall above the rest of Drago Guard. Unfortunately, it was never 100% completed, as plans were made to add an even larger basement area, tunnel system, and more. Unfortunately, Fort Drago would later be abandoned, and the Drago Guard soon collapsed.

A Gradual Decline/Shadow McMafia

VetoTheNeato soon joined his ally cheesy_chips22 as a member of the Shadow Mcmafia, coming to the team's capital city. However, VetoTheNeato would not be very active here, only AFKing every so often and largely becoming inactive before going on a hiatus.

Veto is Online

The last photo taken of Sigil before the base's demise.

After some months of inactivity, VetoTheNeato rejoined the server in November 2019. He was invited to Craftablia by cheesy_chips22 and ostrich1414. Soon after, on November 30th, VetoTheNeato was invited to the city of Yittrium. After completing one build and starting another, Yittrium was raided and was no longer safe to remain a part of. Veto packed his bags and left, but not before adding some... features to Yittrium's iconic statue.

SIGIL/Sigil Incident

Yittrium post-grief.

On January 8th, 2020, Veto announced the creation of a base that would eventually be known as Sigil. More than 10 players were either invited or asked to join the base, and Sigil ended up with 11 members before the first block was even placed. The base had great progress done and showed great promise. However, player Lord1 became enraged after someone placed a sign on his build. He killed Sigil members indiscriminately, stole items, and made the base no longer safe to remain at. Veto fled to Shitstania. Later that night, Lord would be tried for his war crimes. In a fit of rage, Lord griefed Shitstania. Despite his best efforts, much of the humble spawn base remained.

The Second Siege

Veto and his allies preparing for the oncoming conflict.

After The Sigil Incident Veto found himself at Shitstania, repairing the damage done by Lord1 and farming melons. He was baseless, and despite wearing god-armor and wielding a maxed-out sword and dozens of diamond blocks, he had no food. This was a sad time, but a call to action soon arrived. Popular Spanish YouTuber MrCramYT planned to make a video on Simpvp. If he had succeeded, the server would have been destroyed by new players, and even more YouTubers would have made videos, furthering the chaos. Already at spawn, Veto was one of the first to begin work on the wall surrounding spawn. Due to his previous leadership roles, Veto was appointed as an Inner Council member, becoming one of the leaders of the siege. During this period, Veto could be found in the end grinding for obsidian with his fellow men, or calling MrCram "El Stupido" in chat. Veto also coined the term "The Hispanic Panic", the unofficial name for the second siege. During the siege, Veto set aside his previous grievances, even working alongside his (at the time) bitter nemesis, Lord1. He also worked alongside his many friends. In the end, the second siege was successful in large part due to the leadership of those found in the inner council.


On January 28th, 2020, Veto founded Takyon. This base, while secretive, would grow to become one of Simpvp's most powerful. Joined by many of Simpvp's best players, Veto would establish good relations with many bases. Takyon would become Wilburia's sister city, and many other, smaller bases were funded in part by Takyon. While at Takyon, Veto built tall skyscrapers, vast medieval cities, and more. Other major builds at Takyon would come from DiGGing4Gold, who contributed heavily to all of Takyon's farms and underground section.

Later in Takyon's life, activity would slow down somewhat as members focused their attention on other matters. Veto still built at Takyon, but was also working on the nether highway project, the Simpvp disaster group, the organization of Noble Team, the Second Hispanic Panic, and more. Veto would later once again become active at Takyon after about one month of miscellaneous projects across the server.

Simpvp Summit

The first Simpvp Summit (Simsum) was organized and held by VetoTheNeato in the hopes of inspiring goodwill and peace across Simpvp. Right off the bat, he began to plan who would be in attendance. A no-brainer, he thought, would be to invite the leaders of the four major bases at the time (Takyon, Wilburia, Segoria, and Two Words). And so, the first 4 attendants would be himself, ostrich1414, Sengorn_Leopard, and Lord1. The roster soon expanded to feature some of Simpvp's other major players. Blockplanet94, cheesy_chips22, Lord_Pasta, AntHand, Willowienal, MrCramYT, IAmTheSheriff, iPyxis, saluutSFR, and Tenced were all invited. The first to arrive was Cheesy_chips22, shortly followed by VetoTheNeato. Each base represented would be given a plot of land to make a small booth showcasing everything their base had to offer. In the case of Takyon's booth, the information shown had never been seen previously. Booths were made based on various bases and groups that attended the event, such as Takyon, Wilburia, Segoria, The Church of Francis, The Order of Wilbur, Caudices, SFR/Revalia, Two Words and even Shitstania.

During this event, the Sigil Conflict effectively ended, as Lord1 apologized for his actions and Veto accepted.

The Second Hispanic Panic

Veto was a key player during the second Hispanic panic, helping save the server from an onslaught of invaders. He organized Noble Team, a temporary group of players who would protect the server. This group was very effective at stopping the invaders. He, along with Jocososman, led YouTuber MrDeivid to be bedtrapped. However, while fighting along with his peers at spawn, he was backstabbed.

The Fall of Takyon

On May 7th, 2020, AntHand informed Veto that Takyon was under the control of his group, Caudices. On the same night they also annexed Wilburia. Annexing two of the server's biggest bases in one night was an unprecedented act, which left the server in a state of shock. While Anthand continually expressed to Veto and the other Takyon members that it would be in their best interest to remain at the base, behind his back Veto was scheming. He didn't want to simply express defeat and abandon the base. He wanted Takyon to go out with a bang, and an idea struck him. He decided to hold one of, if not the largest base party in Simpvp history, with dozens of players showing up to say goodbye to Takyon. Veto watched with grief as his base fell, but he was glad that the end to Takyon's story wasn't one of giving up, but one of fierce resistance and rebellion.


In late May, 2020, Veto founded Exultia, a new megabase he would lead alongside his basemates as a group. Very little is known about this base, as no screenshots, footage, or even a description exist.


As follows is a shortened summary of VetoTheNeato.

Veto is known for being the founder of The Drago Guard, Sigil, Takyon, and more. He held the first Simpvp summit and led the resistance against Second Hispanic Panic, and helped lead against the first. He was also a member of some of Simpvp's most important bases, and has never griefed, leaked, or raided any bases. He also likes Death Grips a little too much.