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Name: Caudices

Status: Amicably Disbanded

Formed: c. March, 2019

Coords: x300,000,000 z0
Members: egnaroky, AntHand, PixelClick, Farthelos
Bases: Cliffhaven, Nil, Mil, Pristinia

The Caudices are a team mainly comprised of real-life friends egnaroky, AntHand, PixelClick and Fartherlos. Established in March 2019, the team has played a role in several projects and bases throughout its existence.

The Caudices

Shortly after joining the server, AntHand and egnaroky realized that, while they were IRL friends, publicly declaring a team between them would, in theory, increase political clout. They decided on the Latin name "Caudices", the plural of Caudex for "Blockhead" or "idiot". With hindsight, they both now realize that as two noobs with less than 10 hours of playtime they never could have achieved any clout with just a team. Regardless, the team created an official banner, which was gathered into ostrich1414's collection.


Egnaroky and AntHand still regularly play on the server, with IRL friends PixelClick and Farthelos joining the team in May 2019. The team is somewhat active, with AntHand the most active and Farthelos the least.

Caudician Civil War

Civil War.png

On the night of January 24, as a reaction to annoyance from both sides, egnaroky and AntHand engaged in several guerrilla pvp battles. While the occasional duel is normal for the team, fighting broke out consistently throughout the evening and resulted in lost pieces of god gear, destroyed map arts, egnaroky being sent to spawn, and a halt to planned productivity. The conflict reached its peak when AntHand, after being crystalled by egnaroky and losing several pieces of his god set, retaliated by bombing egnaroky off guard inside the Mil Community Center. Egnaroky was successfully killed, but was completely silent. 5 minutes later, egnaroky was seen placing tnt inside the partially-destroyed community center. AntHand destroyed most of the tnt, but several chests were destroyed and clipchip's anime girl mapart was lost. Egnaroky was forced into a hole and killed for this action, and he was sent to spawn for the second time that day.

As of January 25, tensions seem to be cooling down and all of the damage from the bombings has been repaired. Egnaroky will likely rejoin the base, but this was a scarring event for the team.

Caudices™ Quality Goods

The Caudices' began massively upping their wealth around the later half of 2019. Their most valuable farms include a wither skull farm, ghast tear farm, wither rose farm, massive villager trade hall, large 0-tick cactus machine, melon/pumpkin tractors, raid farm, and a large (currently broken) diamond mining machine. Noticing a large surplus of many supplies, and a dwindling diamond supply, the Caudices took steps towards opening products to the open market in February 2020. AntHand briefly flirted with the idea of suppressing non-caudices trade by using a mercenary army, but dropped the idea after realizing that backlash would only make trade more difficult. Instead, a merchant discord was opened, gaining traction quickly due to their relatively low prices and rare items available. Within a month, they had sold items worth upwards of a stack and a half of db. Caudices™ Quality Goods is a BC-affiliated company, and prices of valuable and effective pvp items are deeply discounted for members. Their competitor, Melon Boiz Inc, followed suit with offering discounts, greatly incentivizing BC membership and helping to fulfill its mission of facilitating cooperation and trade.

All Caudices™ prices and stock can be found here:

A History of Imperialism

The Caudices avidly annex territories that would be useful to them, and improve upon farms and industry rather than simply raiding or griefing. The first base that came under Caudices control was an unnamed base relatively near spawn, which the team named Pristinia. The base was completely abandoned but had a rich infrastructure network, including a string farm, giant iron farm, mob farm, and a vast subway network connecting them all. This boosted their ability to make new farms and recover from /world attacks. Months later, while exploring the outer spawn area, they uncovered Trogdoria, which had a medium-sized gold farm, melon farm, and tons of building materials. After the fall of Yittrium, the Caudices annexed the now-abandoned ruins, which still had plenty of farms to use, such as the massive wool farm, sugarcane farms, pumpkin farms, and slime farm.

Colonial Decline

The three Caudices colonies began to fall slowly out of use as infrastructure was built up in the Caudices' own bases. In addition to this, they all soon experienced precipitous collapses that put a definite end to their use. First to fall was Trogdoria, first being discovered by Zepheron and Lord_Pasta, but ended up completely compromised by the end of the Holy War. Trogdoria became too well-known to be used as an afk spot. Second to collapse was Pristinia, as an unknown player managed to find some portals to the base. They have neither revealed themselves nor raided anything, so the ancient city stands strong, but unable to be used. Finally, the grief of Yittrium on February 25th put an end to the Caudices colonial age. Given the development of industry in non-colonial regions, the losses of these territories were minor, but noticeable. The Caudices are now actively searching for new overseas territories.

Reawakening, Conflict, and Demise

In February of 2020, the Caudices discovered a legal method to accurately pinpoint bases. They decided to act on this discovery, secretly building up a huge amount of farms and god gear as a preventative measure should anything go wrong, as well as working on finding bases. A super efficient gunpowder farm, obsidian farm, ghast farm, and gold farm were all made within a period of 2 months. Concurrent with this expansion was a great amount of work in locating the bases until May 6, 2020 when they annexed the sister cities Wilburia and Takyon in the first phase of their expansion. Their goal was to attempt to unite the server into a federation, with each autonomous member state interacting with each other through a centralized government. However, cities' reactions were (understandably) far from cooperative. There was an extreme amount of turmoil and the cities came close to immediate abandonment. The cities do not recognize the authority of Caudices and deny annexation.

As of May 8, 2020,Takyon destroyed itself after holding a massive anti-caudices rebellion.

About a month later, it was clear to Egnaroky and AntHand that there was no way to enact their goals without more similar problems occurring, likely on an even larger scale. Both realized that even though there was no reversing what they had done, but regardless tentatively put their plans to the wayside. The immense amount of drama and discussions in the past month revealed to them that their ideologies, schemes, and philosophies were largely disparate, yet everyone always acted as if the Caudices members were thinking the exact same thing. As the exact opposite was true, Egnaroky and AntHand realized that there was no point in continuing to be associated with another, so disbanded Caudices as a team and went their separate ways.