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Name: Caudices

Status: Active

Formed: c. March, 2019

Coords: x300,000,000 z0
Members: egnaroky, AntHand, PixelClick, Farthelos
Bases: Cliffhaven, Nil, Mil, Pristinia

The Caudices are a team mainly comprised of real-life friends egnaroky, AntHand, PixelClick and Fartherlos. Established in March 2019, the team has played a role in several projects and bases throughout its existence.

The Caudices

Shortly after joining the server, AntHand and egnaroky realized that, while they were IRL friends, publicly declaring a team between them would, in theory, increase political clout. They decided on the Latin name "Caudices", the plural of Caudex for "Blockhead" or "idiot". With hindsight, they both now realize that as two noobs with less than 10 hours of playtime they never could have achieved any clout with just a team. Regardless, the team created an official banner, which was gathered into ostrich1414's collection.


Egnaroky and AntHand still regularly play on the server, with IRL friends Pixelclick and Farthelos joining the team in May 2019. As such the team isn't "dead", but it is almost never referred to in chat or IRL conversation between them.