Coalition of Allied Bases

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Coalition of Allied Bases
Name: Coalition of Allied Bases

Status: Inactive

Formed: March 2019
Disbanded: November 23rd, 2019

Members: Listed in the "Hierarchy and List of Member Bases" Section

The Coalition of Allied Bases, or the "CAB", was an international organization founded by ostrich1414 in March 2019. The CAB served as SimPvP's own UN-type organization, with various cities, towns and communities making up the coalition. Much like the UN, the CAB served to promote peace and trade among bases, and thus pushed its makeup of "allied bases" to form relationships among different players and their communities.

On November 23rd, 2019, the Coalition of Allied Bases officially disbanded due to inactivity, neglect and irrelevance.


The Coalition of Allied Bases had four main goals, as listed below:

  • To promote peace, free trade, cooperation and recognition among all SimPvP bases.
  • To quell any and all instances of strife through negotiations, discussions and treaties.
  • To preserve SimPvP's rich and unique server history and culture.
  • To strengthen the relationship between SimPvP's many unique bases and to discourage isolation and ostracization.

Hierarchy and List of Member Bases

The Coalition of Allied Bases had a strict, yet efficient hierarchy in place. Each member base had to assign between one and three "representatives", who would formally represent the base on their behalf. All member bases were equal in power, and the one to three representatives in each base only serve to communicate the base's overall interests and ideas.

Furthermore, the position of "Secretary General" served as the head of the CAB, serving as a neutral moderator and overseer to all CAB affairs. Throughout its existence, there were two leaders of the CAB.

NOTE: All unranked members of each base are listed below the representatives.

Below was the Coalition of Allied Bases' Hierarchy, including its List of Member Bases:

Membership Requirements

Below were the requirements to join the Coalition of Allied Bases as a member base, which includes information for both city-states and teams:

  • Requirements to Join:
    • A base must be no less than two months old from its start date.
    • A base must be relatively active with few increments of stagnation.
    • A base must have an official name agreed upon by its members.
    • A base must be unanimously recognized by the current CAB member states.
    • A base must send between one to three representatives on its behalf to the official CAB Headquarters.
  • For Teams with Various Bases:
    • See above requirements.
    • Choose one base to serve as a member base (preferably the largest and most active base).

Once these requirements were met, the current member bases would evaluate and vote on the applicant's request for membership (this typically took between 24-72 hours).


Plans to form an organization similar to the current Coalition of Allied Bases began as far back as January 2019 in Struthio. Ostrich1414 and CrackyJoe had been discussing the idea together, with CrackyJoe's first tower at the city, Crackstone Spire, serving as a hub for international communications. Ostrich1414 had also reached out the idea to other players and bases, increasing interest and awareness.

By March 2019, ostrich1414 had founded the Coalition of Allied Bases, drafting its requirements and goals. The first official member base of the CAB was Triterrus, followed by Struthio, Florestria and Nos Aeterna, respectively. With plans to construct an official headquarters for the CAB, the players at Triterrus, specifically Duffilufagus, constructed a physical building which was approved by the CAB members, while ostrich1414 himself discovered the future location where the building would be constructed.

For a while, the CAB worked quietly as they modified their rules and agenda, solidifying their organization. However, on May 2019, a major issue would arise when Struthio and Florestria, two of the CAB's member bases, were discovered by other players and subsequently abandoned. The CAB had lost two of its three original member bases; however, it did not lose its players. The members of Struthio and that city's representatives moved to a new base, known as "Segoria", while Florestria and its members moved to a new city know as "Yittrium". Since these two new cities were essentially "continuations" of the previous projects, as they both housed the same players, the CAB allowed both Struthio and Florestria to shift their jurisdictions to Segoria and Yittrium, respectively, all whilst maintaining the same representatives as before.

Unfortunately, the CAB would experience months of inactivity and neglect as the organization failed to accomplish anything of significance. Furthermore, the CAB failed to add any new member bases to its roster, leaving the organization to stagnant. On November 23rd, 2019, several months after its last action, ostrich1414 suggested that the CAB's only real option was to disband. After some discussion, the members decided to end the CAB, mainly due to inactivity, irrelevance, and a failure to accomplish anything of significance. Thus, the CAB was declared inactive later that day, with its Discord server being deleted and its members and bases moving on to newer things.

While the CAB had been dead for some time, it was successful in inspiring another similar organization, the Bloc for Smaller Clans, later renamed the Bloc for Clans, led by Lord1.