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Ingame name: worldruler086
Status: Active
First joined: September 18th, 2011

Clans: United Alliance (Former), The Royal Allegiance (Former)
Bases: Eden, Avalon, Virunum

Worldruler086 is a long-time player who joined on September 18th, 2011, shortly after the first and only server reset. Throughout its history, worldruler086 has been involved with various bases and teams, and has crafted a reputation for being hardworking.


Worldruler086 joined this server on September 18th, 2011 when LittleBoxOfEmo convinced him to move from his old server (which was shutting down). He spent his first few months by joining her with her city project of Eden. He helped build various parts of the city, and helped make the dome which still remains unfinished, as the city was abandoned when it was confirmed certain players who were willing to attack it knew where it was.


He moved with LittleBoxOfEmo to their new city of Avalon. The city lasted a few weeks until it collapsed from a mixture of FrostByteMC greifing parts of the city and citizens not knowing what was happening. LittleBoxOfEmo made the decision to leave for a new city. Worldruler086 was one of the players who was not invited to join, as the two had an argument, with worldruler086 claiming that Box did not have a strong enough entry system into a city. He stayed at Avalon with a friend who had also joined the city, but they left after box and other members of the Hive ransacked the city of its valuables and rendered it unlivable without major repairs.

Avalon 5.png

He then moved with mitte90 and Gnatogryz at their Castle Island. He left after they were greifed shortly after (apparently a few other players found the nether path around the same time he arrived) and joined Melvin3000 to help him make a ship. He gave the cords of his location to Rydoe who then greifed his base. Melvin then left the server (though he has returned).

After this he and Rydoe helped spawn rats survive their first night. He spent a few weeks with him before leaving the server for about a month. He came back and started a massive mapping project, hoping to catalog every ruin and point of interest with a 5k limit of spawn. He did this to help with Rydoe to have a proper escort system to assist spawn rats leaving Spawn. He abandoned this project (though still has the base designed to hold the maps, and may restart it now that maps are easier to deal with) due to the massive manpower needed to complete the project.

He joined pippenger to help him make an empire, in hopes that a clan having the ability to affect spawn would help him and Rydoe with helping spawn rats. However, shortly after arriving to his first main base, it was greifed. He then went back to his old map base, though he later abandoned it.


In the summer of 2017, worldruler086 was recruited by the United Alliance, where he was then sent to Virunum as the Senior Commander. Here, he worked on rebuilding the griefed city and even renamed it to Verillium as he planned on renovating it to fit a new, modern look. When the UA collapsed and was replaced by The Royal Allegiance, world continued to work on the project as usual, this time under a different organization. Worldruler086 has made significant progress on the city and has removed much of the cobblestone mountain that plagued it.