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Ingame name: Bapada63
Status: Active
First joined: 24th of October 2018

Bases: Bapadia, New Bapadia

Bapada63 is a player who joined on October 24th, 2018. Upon founding the island community of Bapadia with help from DakkaDok two days after he joined, it was later annexed and colonized by ostrich1414 for Struthio. Because of this, Bapada63 abandoned Bapadia (which was later griefed) and set out to build a new town, which he named New Bapadia. However, ostrich1414 and Bapada63 rekindled their fractured relationship and ostrich1414 was invited to join New Bapadia, as was DakkaDok, and the three worked on the base together in harmony.