New Bapadia

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New Bapadia
Name: New Bapadia

Status: Active

Formed: November 2018

Members: Bapada63, DakkaDok, ostrich1414

New Bapadia is an island base founded in mid-November 2018 by Bapada63. New Bapadia was founded shortly after the annexation, abandonment, and later destruction of Bapada63's former base Bapadia; thus, New Bapadia follows a similar style, utilizing an ever-expanding island to construct a simple, yet efficient town upon it. Located on a grassy island rather than a mesa island like Bapadia, New Bapadia features many small farms and buildings.


Bapadia's Reincarnation

Immediately after ostrich1414 annexed and colonized Bapadia on November 9th, 2018, founder and inhabitant Bapada63 abandoned the base, refusing to comply with ostrich1414's suppressive demands of obedience under his regime. Thus, Bapada63 set out to find a new location for a new base, one which would be similarly based on Bapadia in order to continue its legacy and show his commitment to his craft.


Bapada63 eventually settled on a small grassy island in the middle of the ocean; here, he began to expand, constructing a base much like Bapadia which utilized many of its signature architectural designs and builds. Bapada63 named this new settlement "New Bapadia", in honor of the fallen Bapadia. New Bapadia, though similar to Bapadia, was also different in its own right, featuring new materials and aesthetics at the core of its design that differed greatly from Bapadia's mesa-themed presence. This town was founded and grew significantly in mid-November 2018, not long after Bapadia's annexation and destruction.

Peace is Achieved

On November 16th, 2018, whilst working on New Bapadia, Bapada63 struck a deal with ostrich1414, who regretted his prior actions, and the two negotiated a peace treaty that would mend the fractured relationships between themselves and their respective cities, Struthio and New Bapadia. Upon the signing of the treaty, as a show of the actuality of their peace, Bapada63 invited ostrich1414 to his base, where he arrived shortly afterwards.


Ostrich1414 constructed a small extension of New Bapadia on a nearby island which would server as an official Struthio Embassy in order to maintain peace. The island was named Treaty Island, in honor of the peace treaty, and features a memorial to Bapadia's colonization as well as the signing of the peace treaty. Ostrich1414 also helped work alongside Bapada63, donating many items and occasionally working on projects on New Bapadia's main island.

To further display his peaceful intentions, ostrich1414 created a portal link from New Bapadia to Bapadia, which had been badly griefed and destroyed after its colonization. Bapada63 began an immense project of repairing the base, fixing the destruction and intending to display it as a historical museum.

Around this time, Bapada63's long-standing ally and co-member of Bapadia, DakkaDok, was invited to join them at the base.

Expansion and Growth

Shortly after the 1.13 update in November 2018, New Bapadia entered a period of immense expansion and growth. Aside from the two main islands, New Bapadia Island and Treaty Island, Bapada63 began claiming more land in the area. One of the largest projects taken up was the removal of a mountain a few dozen blocks off the shore of New Bapadia Island, with Bapada63 flattening it down to sea level in order to later colonize it. This flattened mountain area was named the Island of Providence, becoming the first official province of the city. Another small island nearby Treaty Island was claimed, dubbed Charity Island.


Aside from off-shore expansion, New Bapadia's city center itself greatly increased in size and productivity during this time as well. The city gained many new farms and buildings, specifically a tall green skyscraper meant to create and harvest concrete; in fact, this allowed New Bapadia to breakthrough as a leader in the server's concrete industry. The island itself also continued to grow, with Bapada63 continuously expanding and increasing its shoreline to provide more room for infrastructure. By February 2019, New Bapadia had nearly doubled in size.