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Name: Bapadia
Alts: The Colony of Bapadia
Status: Active

Formed: 26th of October 2018

Members: Bapada63, DakkaDok, ostrich1414

Bapadia is an island base founded in late October 2018 by Bapada63, with help from DakkaDok. Located off the shore of a mesa biome, Bapadia was a modest town that prided itself in self-sufficiency and hospitality. On November 9th, 2018, ostrich1414 annexed Bapadia, renaming it "The Colony of Bapadia" as an official colony of Struthio. Although it was destroyed the next day, it was later rebuilt by Bapada63.


Bapadia's Beginnings

When Bapada63 joined SimPvP on October 24th, 2018, he was subsequently met by ostrich1414, who briefed him on the server and brought him to a far away mesa biome. After leaving him to his own devices, Bapada63 had a desire to found his first base on the server, and thus set out to build a nearby town known as "Bapadia". Wanting to build a modest, yet respectable base, Bapada63 chose a small island made of red sand off the coast of the mesa biome and began work on his town, founding it two days later on October 26th.

Bap1.png Bap2.png

As the town's construction progressed, Bapada63 invited DakkaDok to help him, who soon renamed an alt known as Dakka_BAPADIA. The two worked diligently on the town, which soon possessed some farms, a community hall, a storage facility and an extension to another nearby island, albeit a smaller one.

Annexation and the Colony of Bapadia

Ostrich1414, who had previously brought Bapada63 to the area where Bapadia was founded, later joined him and arrived at the prospering island town on November 7th, 2018. Inspecting the humble town and even helping maintain it a bit, Bapada63 made ostrich1414 an honorary citizen of Bapadia.

Two days later, on the night of November 9th, 2018, ostrich1414 decided that he would annex the base, and thus subsequently did so. After building an extension of the island and constructing a base of operations, he decided to name this new area of Bapadia the "New Struthio District", after his own city, Struthio. Thus, ostrich1414 proceeded to ananex Bapadia, renaming it "The Colony of Bapadia" and officially making it a colony of Struthio. The New Struthio District became the head governing body of Bapadia, and ostrich1414, upon leaving various signs and Struthio banners around the base in order to solidify his claims of colonization, even threatened hostility and force towards Bapada63 if he did not comply with Struthio's rule over his town.

COB2.png COB3.png

As well as this, ostrich1414 also imposed a cactus tax on Bapadia, requiring at least 20 cacti per day, which would be taken to Struthio. Ostrich1414 later enforced a strict-no entry of all Bapadians into the New Struthio District unless by appointment, established a citizens' curfew, and restricted access to areas outside of Bapadia.


Retaliation and Destruction

The day after ostrich1414 had colonized Bapadia, its inhabitants, Bapada63 and DakkaDok, decided to retaliate against the suppressing regime and completely destroyed the base, leaving very little behind. This was done as a response to the action, with various "Free Bapadia" and "Say No to Empires" signs found strewn across the island. With no reason to administer the former town anymore, Struthio decided to withdraw from the island; at this point, it sat alone in the ocean, abandoned and uninhabited, as a true testament to the server's stance on imperialism in 2018.



Shortly after the destruction of Bapadia, and Struthio's departure, Bapada63 set out to found a new, yet similar town. He eventually settled on a small grass island, which he named "New Bapadia" in honor of the fallen Bapadia. Bapada63 founded New Bapadia in Bapadia's likeness, using similar architectural styles and building designs, yet without a mesa theme.

On November 16th, 2018, ostrich1414 and Bapada63 reached a compromise when they signed a peace treaty together on behalf of Struthio and New Bapadia. The two players and their settlements were now at peace, and thus, Bapada63 invited ostrich1414 to his new community as a sign of trust and reverence towards the new treaty. Because of this new relationship between the two, ostrich1414 created a portal link from New Bapadia to the old, griefed Bapadia, allowing Bapada63 to easily access it.

Thus, Bapada63 began working hard to repair and resurrect the fallen island town, reshaping it into the community it used to be, and even destroying the New Struthio District of the town.