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Name: Caladan

Status: Partially griefed
Date: Summer 2013

Abandoned: Late Summer 2013

Coords: -5500, 7500
Members: Pippenger, inchanter96, Rumpslem, jamesged, eggthief, Majenta, and many others
Clans: The Empire

Caladan was a large ocean castle in the general vicinity of spawn. It was constructed by Pippenger, and served as the original capital of The Empire during the summer of 2013.

There is a portal leading to Caladan located at -196 60 -87, which is inside the west cobble mountain directly from spawn. You get to it by taking the west obsidian road from spawn, and then going through a corridor to the right at x = -199.



Caladan played a significant role in the early history of The Empire

The Carrot Wars

During the summer of 2013, SimPvP had an excess of noobs, and many of them had trouble surviving in the server's harsh conditions. To remedy this, Pippenger began planting public carrot farms in /world for starving players to access.

Pippenger constructed a castle with grass roofs, in order to maximize farming space and produce even more carrots to plant in /world. This was the origin of Caladan.

Pippenger's /world carrots were mostly destroyed by his nemesis, Baron_Ultimax. However, Pippenger's enemies did not locate the castle, so it lived on.

Birth of an Empire

In the summer of 2013, Pippenger declared the creation of The Empire, intended to be the server's largest and most powerful team. Pippenger intended to use this power to make the server a more hospitable place for noobs, by providing them with free food and inviting many of them onto his team.

Caladan quickly became one of the most populous bases on the server. Notable residents included Eggtheif, Rumpslem, Worlduler086, and jamesged.

The Building Codes

The first major crises in imperial history came late in the summer, when many of the new residents of Caladan began building additions to the castle. Pippenger was dissatisfied with some of these additions, which were stylistically divergent from, and sometimes of inferior quality to, Pippenger's castle. The building codes were highly restrictive, mandating what materials could and could not be used in construction. The codes proved unpopular both within the team and on the forums, and the empire began to gain enemies both within and without.


Shortly after this, an unknown player attacked the castle with lava. The residents scattered, many leaving the team, and The Empire never recovered the high population it had enjoyed during the summer of 2013.

Caladan was later replaced by the inferior castles Verdolaga, Tamarisk, and Kudzu. Later on, the capital of The Empire became the city New Caladan.

Post Imperial Period

During the reign of The Order in 2015, some members expressed interest in locating and repairing Caladan for use by the new team, but they were unsuccessful.


In 2017, Rumpslem, a former resident and former member of The Empire, relocated the base and began repairing it.