The Order

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The Order
Name: The Order

Status: Collapsed

Formed: June 2015
Disbanded: October 2015

Bases: Tamarisk, Frostwall, Kudzu, Cosa, Island's Hope, Forsta Stad


The Order was a faction started by SirTashingdon in June 2015. It was based around Spawn, mostly occupying and repairing the bases of The Empire, which was destroyed over one year before The Order formed. Like the Empire, the Order was committed to keeping the server active near spawn and welcoming to new players. Though started by ae0 and indy64, it was led by the player SirTashingdon and his allies following a split in power, who remained the core of the team from then until its demise.

In October 2015, The Order suffered a major setback when the capital city was destroyed by DakkaDok. SirTashingdon swore allegiance to AllSixSix, and The Order was incorporated into The Principate.


In June 2015, the players ae0 and indy64 began repairing Tamarisk, the primary fortress from which Pippenger's Empire attempted to conquer spawn. The castle was in a dismal state at the start of the summer, but within weeks it was transformed into a functioning, aesthetically pleasing base, and more players began to live there. ae0 and indy64 used this as an opportunity to bring in new players and help then along on the server. The goal was to not have any allegiance, but merely to be a community for new players.

SirTashingdon was among these players. After starting a small alliance in /world called the mountain lords that came to its dramatic end in a matter of days, he was invited to Tamarisk by ae0. He built a house in the city and assisted with various improvements. He and ae0 returned to /world to develop the only base from the old alliance that was still inact, Frostwall Keep, which featured a large farm. ae0, indy64 and SirTashingdon would go one to work and re-build several bases. After a trip to the griefed ex-imperial base of Caladan and learning about the Empire, SirTashingdon decided to continue the cause the Empire stood for and form the Order. This was met with opposition resulting in ae0 leaving the server entirely. These actions set those living at tamarisk against one another. Fighting followed with indy64 killing several of the men including SirTashingdon before retreating into hermitage at Pandora. The Order was then founded in Tamarisk, and with the help of players such as CosmicKeenan and AllSixSix, The Order made further repairs to Tamarisk, as well as to Cosa and Kudzu, other former imperial towns. During this time buildings created by ae0 and indy64 at these bases where destroyed or griefed in retaliation for the lives lost. Though indy64's wizard tower (Tamarisk) and the gate of indy64 (Caladan) still stand in partiality. Sirtashingdon, CosmicKeenan, riproc and Rumpslem used Kudzu as the Order's central base for around a week, forming an alliance with the City State of Virunum, led by The_Fulgurator and indy64. Though indy64 was in opposition, he continued to work on Virunum due to a prior agreement with The_Fulgurator. A rift would later develop. SirTashingdon began inviting new players into /world, and brought them to Frostwall, to give them a start at survival, and consider them for the team. The town of Island's Hope was constructed in July 2015 by PackOfMongooses and other members of The Order. In mid June 2015, SirTashingdon and Butterking456 set off on a voyage to claim new lands, and founded Forsta Stad, currently the furthest city of The Order from spawn.

On October 4th, 2015, Dakkadok impersonated SirTashingdon and attacked Forsta Stad, irreparably damaging it. It was the last standing town of The Order.

Later that month, The Order was incorporated into the larger team The Principate, led by AllSixSix.


- To keep imperial bases such as Tamarisk in good repair, and to reclaim lost bases such as Caladan and New Caladan.

- To construction of public farms in /world and near spawn

- To increase early survivability on the server, and give new players a chance.

- To grow to a large size, and recruit many players.


  • SirTashingdon
  • Allsixsix
  • FlexibleOrganic
  • Rumpslem
  • Butterking456
  • Predator96
  • packofmongooses
  • NateRS

Formerly Associated

  • indy64
  • ae0




A large imperial base repaired by ae0, and occupied by a mixture of veterans and new players. In the images you can see part of indy64's tower rising above the city. New members of The Order were likely to be sent here.

OrderTamarisk1.png OrderTamarisk2.png OrderTamarisk3.png


Built on top of a snowy extreme hills mountain in /world, the fort and the adjacent Shatterthaw farm were useful for quickly supplying a new base with the basics to get started. The fort was built by SirTashingdon and ae0 just before the mountain lords alliance collapsed. It was lost when /world was reset in early August 2015.

The Keep Frostwallfar.png Frostwallkeep.png

Shatterthaw farm Shatterthawfar.png Shatterthawfarm.png


Tamarisk's much smaller cousin, a city built on an island. Discovered, repaired and developed by SirTashingdon and CosmicKeenan. This city features Roman baths and a Greek monument, and more trusted members are welcomed here.

Kudzutowers.png Kudzumagetower.png Kudzuroman baths.png

A map of Kudzu's borders



A ruined imperial town near Tamarisk, repaired by Allsixsix, with the help of rumpslem and indy64 in June 2015.

Cosa1.png OrderBridge1.png OrderBridge2.png OrderTower1.png CosaIso1.png

Island's Hope

A small city built by packofmongooses. It is close to Tamarisk, and was be used for recruitment of new members.

IslandsHope1.png IslandsHope2.png IslandsHopeIso1.png

Forsta Stad

Founded on the first dry land found on The Order's first exploratory voyage, made by SirTashingdon and Butterking456, This city's name means 'first city' in Swedish, as it is the first city built from scratch by The Order. It features a nether portal that leads to a complex blaze grinder built by a user known only as Ironwheal. Forsta Stad was later griefed by DakkaDok.

The city in the first week of development

FS1.png FS2.png FS3.png

A map of the city, in early development