New Caladan

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New Caladan
NewCaladan Iso1.png
Name: New Caladan

Status: Griefed

Formed: 8th of August 2013
Abandoned: February 2014-July 2015

Members: Pippenger, DakkaDok, iQuint, alexknvl, ldrpc, Capnruch, kikigreydragon, brauk, morl0ck, DeflowVesper
Clans: The Empire

New Caladan was the capital city of The Empire, where the grandest builds and most trusted players were found. It represents the pinnacle of Classic Imperial Architecture and is one of the most ambitious bases attempted on the server, though in many ways it fell short of its goals.


In August 2013, after the fortress-city Caladan was griefed, the Emperor ordered the construction of a new capital. DakkaDok, using his alt 77sapujapu77, travelled out to construct the new city farther than any other imperial base had been. DakkaDok created necessary structures such as farms and storehouses to prepare for the large number of incoming citizens.


In September, Pippenger arrived at the city and began building in the official imperial style, and many imperial citizens soon followed him. Labor became a point of contention at the city, as Pippenger did most of the work while the citizens accomplished far less than the expected amount. Some players, such as DeflowVesper and iQuint, helped significantly, while most others, such as Morl0ck, hardly helped at all. The city did not reach its intended size and tensions among the populace and the Emperor were high.

Photographs of the city in this period can be seen on imgur.


New Caladan was founded under a totalitarian system of government, in which all players followed Pippenger and his laws. Other bases such as Tamarisk were subservient to New Caladan and also followed Pippenger. Over time, due to pressure from disaffected citizens, the rigid imperial government structure loosened. New Caladan became a democracy, and the city's empire dissolved. However, these changes were not able to save the city.

In February 2014, an unknown citizen of New Caladan using the pseudonym Horus betrayed the city. This proved to be the final blow to the dying base, and the players there, including Pippenger, quickly scattered, and some may have participated in the griefing and looting. New Caladan was rendered unlivable, as nearly all the roofs and floors were burned, and lava and water flooded the streets. For over a year the city remained in this state, not being repaired significantly until July 2015.

NewCaladanRuins1.png NewCaladanRuins2.png NewCaladanRuins3.png NewCaladanRuins4.png NewCaladanRuins5.png NewCaladanRuins6.png NewCaladanRuins7.png NewCaladanRuins8.png

Reconstruction and the Second Fire

In 2015, AllSixSix and other members of The Order reclaimed New Caladan and repaired the city. However, the city was griefed again before the end of the year.