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Tamarisk Iso1.png
Name: Tamarisk
Alts: Lian Yu
Status: Griefed

Coords: Approximately -1k, 3.3k

Tamarisk is a large public base. The name was suggested by Pippenger and was derived from the Tamarix tree.

There is a portal leading into Tamarisk located at -236, 48, 26.


Tamarisk was established in summer 2013 by Pippenger, after the original capital of the empire, Caladan, had been griefed, but before New Caladan has been built. During 2013, many new players were invited to Tamarisk, making it one of the most populous and frequently visited bases on the entire server.

After the fall of the Empire in early 2014, Tamarisk was mostly abandoned. However, some players continued to live in and improve the castle, turning it into a vibrant independent city in the post imperial age.

Tamarisk later became the birthplace of The Order.

After the fall of The Order and The Principate, players continued to live in Tamarisk.

During the height of their power, the United Alliance annexed Tamarisk in 2017, renaming it "Lian Yu" and placing it under the authority of King666Lucifer as an autonomous UA district. However, after the UA collapsed in October 2017, "Lian Yu" once again became Tamarisk and the base has since been open to the public, no longer controlled.

Tamarisk continues to be one of the best-visited cities on the server, due to its long history and ease of access. Many established players have visited it and performed upkeep on it. Established players very often suggest new players asking to join a base to go to Tamarisk first.

In 2018 Azdin doubled the size of Tamarisk by creating two new wards to the east. He also added a tower in the old ward and expanded the underground boat waterway to Azpipia. The underground boat waterway also extends to several nearby bases, one of which being Kudzu.

On the 18th of February 2019, the newly formed raiding team YMP destroyed Tamarisk, severely lavacasting it beyond repair.


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