Crafting Table Island

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Crafting Table Island
Name: Crafting Table Island

Status: Active

Formed: September 2017

Members: ostrich1414

Crafting Table Island is a small island located far from spawn completely covered in crafting tables. Founded by ostrich1414 on September 18th, 2017, Crafting Table Island is expanding daily as more and more crafting tables are added, with the goal of covering the entire island with crafting tables. Though not officially a United Alliance affiliated "base", Crafting Table Island is seen as an experimental side-project of the UA, and efforts to maintain it are enforced strictly.


On September 18th, 2017, ostrich1414 discovered a small island far away from spawn, and decided to cover the entire island in crafting tables. The island, originally a small Birch Forest biome, saw the destruction and deforestation of hundreds of trees to collect wood and make room for the impending crafting tables. Once they were created, crafting tables were then placed along the entire surface area of the island, and thus, Crafting Table Island was founded.

Ostrich1414 claimed the creation of Crafting Table Island to be an "experimental side-project" of the United Alliance; this has caused skepticism and controversy as nobody is truly sure what the purpose of such a project could be, and some believe the UA is using the site to test nuclear weaponry.

On the same day it was founded, gay marriage was made illegal on Crafting Table Island.