United Alliance

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United Alliance
Name: United Alliance

Status: Inactive; Became The Royal Allegiance

Formed: May 2017
Disbanded: October 6th, 2017

Members: Listed in the "Members" Section
Bases: Monarchia, Quinsigamond, The Tomb, Stonetown, Aggersel, Oasis, Lian Yu, Verillium, Haven, The Bunker, Westeros

The United Alliance was an organized clan lead by ostrich1414. Co-founded by ostrich1414 and JavelinFury in May of 2017, the clan grew substantially and saw many changes in its infrastructure and ideology throughout its existence. The United Alliance, or UA as it was more commonly known as, intended on remaining a self-sufficient and friendly clan, open to relationships both within the UA and out by spreading influence through the foundation of new communities and the restoration of old bases.

After surrendering to clipchip on October 6th, 2017, ostrich1414 resigned as the Leader of the United Alliance and gave full control of the UA over to clipchip, who then founded The Royal Allegiance shortly afterward. Simply a shift of power and ideologies, it is easier to say that the UA was changed into the RA. However, as of October 6th, 2017, the former UA itself is considered a dead, inactive clan.

The Mission

The Mission of the United Alliance was simple, as stated in this list:

  • To create and retain friendly and meaningful relationships with those supportive of the clan, both within and outside of the UA.
  • To found new communities on SimPvP, in varying locations, to strengthen the influence of the UA and to spread its server-wide presence.
  • To restore and maintain older or existing communities or bases, allowing them to once again grow and prosper in the name of the UA.
  • To serve as a leader in creativity and individuality, never barring one's ideas or inspirations.
  • To retain and remember the many events and occurrences on SimPvP, meticulously documenting its rich history so that nothing is lost and so future players can enjoy and learn from its past.


These were the many members of the United Alliance and their rankings and positions within its hierarchy prior to October 6th, 2017:

These were the former members of the United Alliance and their positions prior to their departure:

  • clipchip - The Guardian Deity (Left the UA on August 22nd, 2017)
  • The_JM - Keeper of the Peace aka The "K.O.P." (Kicked out by ostrich1414 in September 2017)


The Remembrance

The foundation of the United Alliance began in the City of Quinsigamond, which was under construction at the time. A memorial city built atop a Mushroom Island not far from spawn, the intentions of Quinsigamond were simple: to create a city that would stand as a living memorial to the many long-time players of SimPvP and its rich history. More notably, the city was heavily influenced by the work of pippenger, a player who had created a massive amount of bases throughout the server, later departing on a year-and-a-half-long hiatus. As a mentor and an inspiration to ostrich1414, this instilled in him a desire to build the city, serving as a memorial to Pippenger, using his style of Imperial Architecture. Though ambitious, ostrich1414 had no intentions of creating an empire after Quinsigamond's completion - this would change very quickly.

Ostrich1414 was eventually joined by longtime ally and friend JavelinFury, who frequently assisted him at Quinsigamond, as well as a few other members within the city. As the city neared completion, and the finishing touches were being made, ostrich1414 and JavelinFury were beginning to realize that the goal of Quinsigamond could be the focus of an organization, and applied to the server as a whole, rather than one single city. Thus, as the city was completed in May of 2017, a new movement was created: "The Remembrance", as JavelinFury called it. The two co-founders began to take this new team seriously, recruiting many of their allies as they planned to further their efforts and begin the creation of a capital city.

Monarchia and the Reformation

After much surveying and plotting for a new location to build the capital city for the Remembrance, one was eventually found: an area comprised of a plains biome, an extreme hills biome, and a birch forest. As the virgin soil was penetrated and construction began, the City of Monarchia was born: the Monarch City of the Remembrance. Influenced by Aggersel, Monarchia was to be a massive city divided by various unique districts, each created by different players. An ambitious project, it began to come to fruition as work on the city commenced and many more players were recruited and brought to the city to work.

In June of 2017, ostrich1414 and JavelinFury received a big surprise: Pippenger returned to SimPvP, ending his long hiatus. Due to his return, this made the intentions of Quinsigamond and the Remembrance obsolete, as both focuses were mainly inspired by Pippenger's longtime departure from the server. Pippenger, now using his alt Porkington, criticized the name and focus of the Remembrance, citing that they should be looking into the future, not just limiting themselves to the past. After much deliberation and a shift of focus, the Remembrance went through a reformation that would prove to be crucial. Their name was changed, now known as the "United Alliance", and offered more realistic, ambitious goals. Along with these changes came many more, including the recruiting process, a shift in the hierarchy, and city/town production.

The Spread of the UA

Now with a sharper focus, the new United Alliance began efforts to restore multiple existing bases that had been destroyed or fell into disrepair whilst simultaneously creating new bases. Receiving new recruits to make these goals easier, ostrich1414 and JavelinFury decided it would be helpful to allow members to lead these efforts by assigning them specific cities to command, which in turn allowed the UA to be more flexible and to shy away from a dictatorship or a one-command party. As these efforts increased, many cities, which had previously been badly damaged or greifed, were once again returning to their former glory and being fully restored and maintained.

During July-August of 2017, the UA reached a peak period of growth and expansion. An abundance of new recruits was taken in almost weekly as the UA's membership roster grew immensely. Simultaneously, many existing bases were annexed during this time, and even new bases were being constructed: in fact, ypy's base, The Tomb, became the first base under the UA to be founded by a member other than ostrich1414 or JavelinFury. The capital of the United Alliance, Monarchia, was growing as well, and new districts were being constructed quickly as old ones neared completion.

In order to strengthen its infrastructure and adjust to this newfound growth, as well as retain ties between players and bases, a new trade system was developed in which every city and town under the UA was to produce materials and supplies which would be distributed throughout the organization. In return, that base would receive supplies needed for it to successfully grow, and a symbiotic relationship would be formed alongside each base. This strengthened interior relations and proved to be a success as each individual base became a hub for different pursued materials, rather than simply relying on the donations of others.

Clipchip's Departure and the UA Headquarters

On August 22nd, 2017, worldruler086 was invited to Monarchia from his post at Verillium, and he was brought over to the city via a portal system. However, little known to many of the UA's members, clipchip had a long-standing beef with worldruler086 due to tensions and quarrels between the two in the past, and he greatly disapproved of worldruler086 being brought over to Monarchia. Despite several warnings to ostrich1414 and JavelinFury, the two still brought worldruler086 to the city from Monarchia, showing him around as they discussed future plans for the UA. Furious, clipchip ambushed worldruler086 in the middle of a city tour and slaughtered him, collecting his drops as he died. He then proceeded to destroy his contributions to the city, completely removing his floating island, known as the Mile High Club. After these actions, clipchip officially declared his departure from the organization and left the United Alliance. Though he is still a strong ally with many of its members, clipchip is no longer directly affiliated with the UA and has moved on to pursue his own projects.

After clipchip's departure, the UA experienced a short, yet painful hit as many of its members became inactive and no progress was being made. However, this was soon ended as ostrich1414, JavelinFury, and SirTashingdon began construction of an official headquarters for the UA in Monarchia. The three terraformed a large man-made island beside the city, constructing a star-shaped foundation for the building. The UA headquarters, dubbed "Fort Mona" by SirTashingdon, are meant to house multiple rooms and offices related to the UA's many departments and bases and is meant to be a physical location for meetings and organizational progression. Fort Mona became a massive project for the three, and the effort was lead by SirTashingdon himself, who was temporarily named Head Commissioner of Construction for Fort Mona.

Tensions Rise

As the United Alliance's social presence progressed further, tensions began to rise amongst it and other players. Clipchip, still bitter after his separation from the UA, decided to retaliate by forming his own group: "Clipiiii's Gang", as he called it. "Clipiiii's Gang" was an informal "clan" created specifically to rival the UA, and although it contained clipchip as the head, there were no other members within it (most people, however, assumed the clan's formation was satirical or ironic). Nevertheless, clipchip took things a step further when he returned to Monarchia in mid-September 2017 and built an entire castle on its premises without being caught or noticed. Claiming it for Clipiiii's Gang, this castle was illegally constructed on UA soil within the confines of Monarchia's city limits and was a clear violation of clipchip's separation from the UA. Though joking around at first, things turned sour when clipchip shot and killed both ostrich1414 and JavelinFury, stealing their drops in the process. Because of this, the tensions between the UA and clipchip's unofficial gang increased, and although many do not consider Clipiiii's Gang a threat, the two became immersed into the midst of a Cold War due to clipchip's violent reaction and the UA's unwillingness to surrender or submit to his negotiations.

Fortunately, ostrich1414 and JavelinFury were able to retrieve their items, and no further violence or terror occurred between the two rivals. However, ostrich1414 became increasingly more confrontational and violent as a result of the ensuing "Cold War", and one day in /world, he decided to take it out on The_JM. Leading him in with promises of a Book of Mending, ostrich1414 shot and killed The_JM, stealing his drops; what ostrich1414 didn't know was that the day before, The_JM became a member of the UA, and ostrich1414 indirectly shot a member, whose position was enacted in order to keep the peace. Nevertheless, ostrich1414 kept The_JM's valuables, including his elytra, which The_JM continued to hound ostrich1414 about getting back. This caused ostrich1414 to continuously taunt him and release a server-wide bounty on The_JM's head, which in turn caused The_JM to turn against the UA and threaten their destruction. However, no more had come out of the two's "rivalry", and things seemed to slow down for the UA afterward; regardless, tensions were still in the air.

The War of Monarchia

On September 27th, 2017 tensions between the UA and Clipiiii's Gang only worsened as clipchip's threats grew more severe and ostrich1414's recklessness grew more evident. Porkington, who was one of the UA's most prominent councilmen, left the clan behind and joined clipchip, working to help him create an intimidating area around his castle. Ostrich1414 became furious and proceeded to construct a spy tower right next to clipchip, who warned ostrich1414 that building this structure would result in serious consequences. Without listening, ostrich1414 built the tower significantly higher than clipchip's castle and began shooting arrows down at him. Clipchip then began to relentlessly bomb ostrich1414's tower, blowing up the foundations. Ostrich1414 took this as an act of aggression and, moments later, officially declared war on Clipiiii's Gang.

"The War of Monarchia", as this conflict became known, lasted a little over a week as the United Alliance sought to eradicate Clipiiii's Gang as well as remove his presence and influence from Monarchia. Clipchip, however, desired to take land from the city and threatened to destroy the UA. Two days after the declaration of war, clipchip constructed a long, strong wall around a large chunk of Monarchian land, including important UA buildings, claiming them for his own. Ostrich1414 then destroyed this wall and rebuilt it around his castle, reclaiming the stolen land as well as Porkington's tower. The next day, clipchip repeatedly ambushed and attacked ostrich1414 while he was helping SirTashingdon construct Fort Mona, killing him three times. This eventually resulted in an aerial battle between the two, even involving JavelinFury, as the three shot at each other from the sky.

Clipchip, frustrated with the UA, continuously asked them to surrender, to which a stubborn ostrich1414 repeatedly dismissed. However, the war began to experience a cool- down as the two clans avoided further physical combat and attacks, and the UA councilmen contemplated the conditions of surrender and what they would entail for the UA's future.

On October 6th, 2017, ostrich1414 and clipchip began serious talks of peace, to which ostrich1414 considered surrendering to Clipiiii's Gang. Clipchip stated that ostrich1414 could continue to use the UA's facilities, and the clan would continue to thrive, but he would become the leader and push ostrich1414 from his position. After thinking this over, ostrich1414 agreed and the two signed a peace treaty within clipchip's castle, officially ending the War of Monarchia. This gave clipchip complete control of the UA as ostrich1414 resigned from his position. Also, ostrich1414 became an indentured servant to clipchip, and Porkington was let back into the UA. As the war ended and clipchip's grasp on the UA tightened, ostrich1414 began to work less on UA projects, and work throughout the clan ultimately slowed down as many members discussed the pros and cons of the outcome.

The Royal Allegiance and the New Era

Shortly after gaining control of the United Alliance and letting tensions dissolve a few days after the war's end, clipchip announced that he would be instating a new clan: an alternative to the UA if you will. This organization was named The Royal Allegiance and was simply a shift of power and ideologies from the UA. All of the UA members prior to the surrender remained in the UA, although clipchip heavily altered the hierarchy by creating new, simpler positions for now-RA members. The RA was also founded on the prospects and beliefs of Yukarionism, whereas the UA was relatively secular. Along with these internal changes, the RA received many of the UA's former bases, although changes to this list were made as well: any former base which was annexed by the UA was discarded, and the only bases kept on hold by the RA were specifically UA-created bases, which included Quinsigamond, Monarchia, the Tomb, and others.

With the United Alliance officially dead and the Royal Allegiance just beginning to prosper, ostrich1414, now demoted to an indentured servant to clipchip, would continue on with his previous tasks, although now with a sense of humiliation. Regardless, the UA, once an influential, vast organization, was no longer active, and the beginning of a new era was well underway.