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Craftablia December 16.png
Name: Craftablia

Status: Active

Formed: November 23rd, 2019

Members: ostrich1414, cheesy_chips22, Lord1, Cutman, MoWobbler, VetoTheNeato, SFR, Sengorn_Leopard, DakkaDok, nagol101, CrackyJoe, TonTheKidRS

Craftablia is a landmark founded by ostrich1414 on November 23rd, 2019. Craftablia features hundreds and hundreds of crafting tables layered over the terrain of a landmass not too far from Spawn, placed atop each naturally-generated block in order to capture the look and feel of natural terrain - except with crafting tables. Craftablia is the physical and spiritual successor of Crafting Table Island, a previous project that was similar in many ways, yet significantly smaller.

Click here for a tour / video about Craftablia:

Pronunciation: "CRAF-TAB-LEE-UH"


A little over two years since Crafting Table Island was first founded, ostrich1414 was eager to begin a new, equally-as-ridiculous crafting table-related project. He set out a few thousand blocks from Spawn, searching for a coastal forest biome he could revert into a crafting table hellhole. Eventually, he discovered the current location of Craftablia, and immediately set to work on November 23rd, 2019. In only a few hours, Craftablia had already grown significantly:

Craftablia 1.png

Ostrich1414 continued this work the next day, this time recruiting cheesy_chips22 to assist him, who was able to bring with him an entire shulker box full of crafting tables. Together, the two wasted hundreds of natural resources and grew Craftablia into an immense crafting table biome, covering much more land area than Crafting Table Island as it truly became a sight to behold:

Craftablia 2.png

Work continued the next day, November 25th; Lord1 joined the team, bringing with him a couple stacks of crafting tables to assist in growth. Now, with three players mindlessly placing crafting tables along the terrain, Craftablia would grow exponentially, easily becoming the greatest base in SimPvP history overnight:

Craftablia 3.png

By Thanksgiving Day, Craftablia had five total players, with Cutman and MoWobbler being added to the members list. Craftablia itself had also grown significantly more, though not as rapid as it had the last few days. However, Craftablia had been receiving hundreds of crafting table donations from various SimPvP players willing to support the project, way more than ostrich1414 had even originally anticipated. On Thanksgiving Day alone, Craftablia had four shulker boxes full of crafting tables to be used.

Ostrich1414 at Craftablia.png

On December 10th, 2019, ostrich1414 and Lord1 returned to Craftablia after a short hiatus and continued the crafting table placement project. Earlier, VetoTheNeato had become the latest member of the project; however, work had slowly dwindled. Nevertheless, on December 10th, progress picked up once more, and Craftablia had grown even larger. Crafting tables were now able to be placed excessively and with ease due to the donations the project had received.

Craftablia December 10.png

Craftablia would experience a sudden rapid change in progression when, on December 11th, 2019, four members of the SFR team joined ostrich1414 and Lord1 in placing crafting tables. SaluutSFR, SassSFR, NirkieSFR and UnknwnSFR all joined in assisting in Craftablia's expansion, as they had been providing the project with hundreds of stacks of crafting tables. This massive team effort resulted in a significant expansion increase.

SFR at Craftablia.png

From December 12th to December 13th, Sengorn_Leopard joined the project - easily placing the most crafting tables of any member thus far. With Sengorn_Leopard's help alone, Craftablia's size grew tenfold, taking up multiple chunks of space. Much of this was done solely by Sengorn_Leopard himself: a true testament to Craftablia's charm. Below is the progress on December 13th, a massive change since the last update:

Craftablia December 13.png

By December 17th, Craftablia had not only expanded significantly more, but it had also gained even more participants in the overall project. DakkaDok, nagol101, CrackyJoe and TonTheKidRS all joined Craftablia during this time, assisting in its growth. Sengorn_Leopard especially continued his streak of massive progress for Craftablia. As the landmark grew, ostrich1414 decided to commemorate it by making a YouTube video about it:

Craftablia December 16.png

Donors List

Throughout the duration of Craftablia's existence, several SimPvP players and organizations have funded the Craftablia project through their donations of multiple shulker boxes worth of crafting table stacks. This list will provide recognition to these people/organizations for their contributions to the Glorious Nation of Craftablia's growth:

  • SFR: 20 Shulker Boxes of Crafting Tables, 5 Shulker Boxes of Wood
  • Sengorn_Leopard: 2 Shulker Boxes of Crafting Tables, 7 Shulker Boxes of Wood
  • TonTheKidRS: 8 Shulker Boxes of Crafting Tables
  • cheesy_chips22: 1 Shulker Box of Crafting Tables
  • Lord1: Multiple Crafting Table Stacks
  • bruno_vera: Multiple Crafting Table Stacks