Der Bunker

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Der Bunker
Name: Der Bunker
Alts: The Colony of Der Bunker
Status: Active

Formed: September 2018

Members: Jero46, CranberryWarrior

Der Bunker is an underground base founded by Jero46 and CranberryWarrior sometime in September 2018. The base is comprised of a series of hidden underground rooms and hallways, located within a swamp biome. The base features several farms, including an AFK fishing farm, a villager farm, and a cactus farm; in fact, the base is entirely self-sufficient. The base has been fully up-kept and maintained by Jero46, with CranberryWarrior assisting him until his departure in January 2019.

On April 30th, 2019, ostrich1414 discovered the base while flying: despite it being underground, he spotted a few blocks of polished andesite, giving it away. He then called over his basemate and ally CrackyJoe, and the two raided the base of its valuables. They then proceeded to annex Der Bunker, officially renaming it "The Colony of Der Bunker" as an official colony of their city, Struthio, making it Struthio's third colony. Der Bunker's banners were replaced with Struthian banners, and ostrich1414 and CrackyJoe demanded full submission from Jero46 with the threat of "severe punishment" should he not comply with their imperial decision.

In June 2019, Jero46 logged back onto the server, many weeks after Struthio had been abandoned and griefed, only to find his base annexed by the city; ostrich1414 informed him that, since Struthio was no longer functioning, the imperial claims were now invalid, and he was free to remove the signs and banners. Jero46 responded with "ok, nice" and logged off.

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