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Ingame name: CranberryWarrior
Status: Inactive and Abandoned
First joined: December 27th, 2017
Last seen: April 2020

Clans: The League (Former), The Fellowship (Former), Church of Francis (Former)
Bases: Grasstle, Majula, Fort Cranberry, Der Bunker, Semper Idem, Asguard, Cooltown, New Hammerhall, Francistan, Two Words

CranberryWarrior was a player who joined the server on December 27th, 2017. For years, CranberryWarrior was regarded as a normal player, joining the ranks of several notable teams from The League, to The Fellowship, and later, a major role in the Church of Francis; however, in mid April 2020, it was revealed to the public that CranberryWarrior was, in fact, an ostrich1414 secret alt account used to infiltrate select bases and teams. As such, the CranberryWarrior account no longer exists: it was gifted to Lord1 as reparations for damages, who turned it into an alt account of his own (Lard2).

NOTE: This wiki page is written from the perspective of CranberryWarrior's personal history. Ostrich1414's history is not intertwined with this, so as to make the information less confusing and muddled. As such, this article portrays a perspective as if CranberryWarrior was a separate player.


The League and Alliance with Jero46

When CranberryWarrior first joined in late 2017, he was invited to Grasstle by pippenger, and then later invited to Majula by ostrich1414, where he worked with Sir_Phenhex. This was part of an initiative to introduce more new players to the server. At this time, CranberryWarrior was a member of their team, The League, although this team would soon collapse.

Later on, in August 2018, CranberryWarrior began to work on his own base known as Fort Cranberry. It was located near spawn and was a large cobblestone fortress with various buildings and towers inside. Here, he worked on the fort with Jero46.


Between late 2018 - early 2019, CranberryWarrior had also been helping his ally Jero46 at their underground base, Der Bunker. Much farther out than Fort Cranberry, the two focused on furnishing the base and adding several farms to it. Later on, Struthio would and colonize Der Bunker on April 30th, 2019.


Takeover of Fort Cranberry, the Fellowship and Asguard

However, by January 18th, 2019, CranberryWarrior became embroiled in a massive conflict, the Takeover of Fort Cranberry. After his fort was annexed by Struthio, placed under the leadership of several new players, and remolded at their leisure, CranberryWarrior decided to fight back. Multiple battles would ensue, with CranberryWarrior winning few; ultimately, Struthio retained control of the fort. Fort Cranberry would last until February 17th, when it was griefed by YeeterMyPeeter.


CranberryWarrior would eventually join The Fellowship after being invited by TheOnlySlash in March 2019. CranberryWarrior moved to Semper Idem, where he resided until it was griefed in April 2019. CranberryWarrior remained a member of the Fellowship well until May 2019, where he later quit.

Afterwards, CranberryWarrior moved to Asguard after being invited by QuantumEntropy. He would not last long, however: Asguard's coordinates were leaked after a quarrel between QuantumEntropy and e_lee, causing CranberryWarrior and jake276493 to grief the base before any harm could come to it by one of their opponents.


The Church of Francis

In July 2019 CranberryWarrior was also invited to Cooltown by Lord1, it was an Old Western-themed base near spawn that was later griefed by TheOnlySlash.

On August 11th, 2019, CranberryWarrior was invited to New Hammerhall by Lord1. He was initiated into the Church of Francis and became a devout member, religiously worshiping Francis. He unfortunately had to help grief the city alongside Lord1 and _Unix2010 after they discovered that the city had been visited by a random unknown player while the members were away on a trip. CranberryWarrior bought wither skulls to spawn one right in the city which Lord1 named Francis.


After New Hammerhall was griefed, Lord1 invited CranberryWarrior to the newest Church of Francis base, Francistan. Here he began working on a new tower as well as expanding the city. He also became a much more faithful, loyal Francillian during this period.


From October 17th to November 18th, 2019, The Holy Wilbur-Francis War took place, and saw CranberryWarrior supporting the Church of Francis and their military endeavors against The Order of Wilbur. CranberryWarrior participated in the annexation of Tol Honeth, as well as fighting in two battles: the Ambush at BSC Outpost and the Battle of Syracusai. During the war, Francistan would be compromised and leaked by e_lee, and the Church of Francis was eventually defeated by the Order of Wilbur, leaving CranberryWarrior to go on a short hiatus.

AnnexTolHoneth.png Battle of Syracusai.png

Later on, in the spring of 2020, CranberryWarrior would become more active once again and was invited to Two Words by Lord1, the Church of Francis' largest base yet. He contributed here by building a skyscraper that also doubled as a bee farm.


True Identity Revealed

After The Stonetown Incident between April 15th and April 16th, 2020, ostrich1414 revealed to Lord1, and the SimPvP public at large, that CranberryWarrior had been his secret alt account since 2017. This meant that ostrich1414 had effectively infiltrated the League, the Fellowship, and the Church of Francis, as well as several bases like Asguard and North Koria (Base). CranberryWarrior's usage, however, was wearing thin and ostrich1414 felt troubled still handling the account, so he decided to end its almost three year lifespan and gifted the account to Lord1, who renamed it to Lard2 as a personal alt account.

CranberryWarrior Last Words.PNG

While CranberryWarrior no longer exists, the knowledge that he had been ostrich1414 the entire time, especially through ostrich1414-orchestrated incidents like the Takeover of Fort Cranberry, the grief of North Koria, and the Holy Wilbur-Francis War had shed a new light on historical events on SimPvP.