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Name: indy64
Ingame name: indy64
Status: active
First joined: March 15, 2014

Bases: Tamarisk, Pandora, Cosa, Aggersel, Virunum, Vallaryn

Indy64 first joined Simplicity PVP March 15, 2014.


Indy had previously played on a similar vanilla base, pvp server, and thus, quickly adapted to the rigors of Sim PVP life. He was greeted by Pippenger soon after joining and was guided to the city of Tamarisk. There he assisted in re-building the city for Pippenger in exchange for supplies. This soon became a way of life for indy64, exchanging work building for diamonds, player written books, or other valuables. Indy64 hates mining and thus will do anything he can to avoid staying under ground for more than 35 seconds. In doing so he has built at many a city across Sim PVP.


He worked as a free-lance builder and assisted at Aggersel. Wishing to be more centrally located he decided to build a home base. He soon moved his home and founded the city of Pandora. Pandora, though small, is completely built out of wood. After the launch of Pandora, indy64 teamed up with ae0 and worked to gather new comers to the server and assist them in their start by giving safe travel to the now remodeled Tamarisk. They where joined by SirTashingdon and others. A conflict of interest arose due to SirTashingdon's desire to start a war and to re-build the empire of Pipenger. Indy64 saw this as a plot to gain power on the server at the expense of new players. A fight ensued leading to the death of ae0 by SirTashingdon and of SirTashingdon by indy64. Ae0 left the server shortly after. This is one of only 8 times indy64 has killed a fellow player.


Following this period of conflict, and saddened by the loss of ae0 who was never to return, he retreated back to Pandora. Here he expanded his base. In late 2015 he joined not_fulgerator (Pippenger) to build the city of Virunum. Indy64 logged on in January 2016 to find Virunum in ruins and his work destroyed. Virunum fell when attacked by members of the B.O.C. Officially the attack was declared a mistake in the midst of a raging war. Un-officially it is believed by indy64 that Virunum fell indirectly due to the plans of Pippenger and that caught in his own lies and forged treaties, they came back to haunt him, destroying the base. After the fall of Virunum and his revenge hunting and killing of Pippenger who he blamed for his sorrow, indy64 retreated once again to Pandora. Here he stayed until the spring of 2017. In January 2017 Pandora was struck by lightening and half of the city burned. (Do not build with wood in a storm while having your sound off kids.) In February 2017 he teamed up with Morl0ck, suit1337 and others to create Vallaryn. He is known to be active there as well as traveling around the server.


Indy64 is currently building a large library and archive of server history at Vallaryn. The library is believe to one day hold what could be the largest collection of player written original books in the history of the server. The project is intended to keep the servers history for those to come. Known as a builder, he does not actively participate in raids or pvp, indy64 will however fight if he sees it in the interest of the greater good of SIMPVP.