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Name: Kashyyyk

Status: Unknown

Kashyyk is a much overlooked part of The Hive. Before Avalon was abandoned, RevStoningpot came to join the team but instead decided to settle in a land near, yet still quite far, from Avalon, as a way of making a base that could join in common goals with the people of Avalon. Yet, shortly after Kashyyyk was founded, security at Avalon was brought into question and so Box and her most trusted team mates came to Kashyyyk to build The Hive, just next door to the jungle, in the small desert there.

Kashyyyk, named for the forest planet of the wookies, is a large jungle forming a ring around a big bay. A small bridge crosses the river between the desert and the jungle and a much larger, suspension style, bridge connectes the jungle on one side of the bay to the other. The bay is home to a large oil rig. The jungle has a mob grinder, one of Rev's designs, and other such auto farms for supplies. The Hive/Kashyyyk was abandoned long ago but LoneSoldier55 may still lurk around there at times.