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Ingame name: _letrasado
Alts: None
Status: Active
First joined: May 6th, 2020

Clans: The Spanish Inquisition
Bases: Bélgica, 4 a.m., Canary Islands, Hispania

_letrasado is one of the members of the Spanish Inquisition at SimPvP. He first joined during the Second Hispanic Panic, but he couldn't play until October, when he started a active career as a player of the server. He have been helped by Diakhaba, the one who told him to join; was guided through the spawn all the way to Belgica by MrDavid99 and PowerXInfinito; and he never felt alone on the server thanks to Chipinazo.

During this time, he mainly focused on building, since he hates pvp. Some of his constructions are:

  • 4 am base house
  • Mapart platform at Bélgica
  • Nintendo switch house at Bélgica
  • Wood farm at Bélgica
  • The Inquisition's turtles refuge
  • Hispania's chapel
  • Cactus farm at Hispania
  • Eiffel Tower at Bélgica

And more infrastructures that Spanish Inquisition owns at their base. Special mention to Chipinazo, the main architect and the one that really know how to build, always kindly offers to help, and have the best ideas. Letrasado was one of the builders of the Church of Francis's Gibraltar Castle at spawn, and he reached the rank of supervisor.

_letrasado enjoy in the server spending time with other players, such as Nebuelaz, and don't really like to join in fights. Even so, he took part in the Imperial War between People's coalition and Church of Francis, joining the PC side from the beginning.He was a soldier and supplied their allies. He also participated in some griefs, like BichPort base by People's Coalition. Even so, he's against the war, and tries to not hurt anybody. Anyways, he made some kills for PC during The Imperial War, killing Church of Francis members such as Diakhaba and Montana. In those cases, he was hurt first by them, so he decided to defend himself.