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Ingame name: _letrasado
Alts: None
Status: Active
First joined: May 6th, 2020

Clans: The Spanish Inquisition
Bases: Bélgica, 4 a.m., Canary Islands, Hispania, Exilio I, Exilio II, Albacete, CR7

"Gloria a los hijos de la patria Española"

_letrasado is one of the members of the Spanish Inquisition at SimPvP. He first joined during the Second Hispanic Panic, but he couldn't play until September, when he started a active career as a player of the server. You can easy see him speaking spanish on the chat or afking around.


_letrasado first joined on May 6th,2020 during the Second Hispanic Panic. He was executed by Lord1 by the time he put a feet outside from spawn, and was followed by the Church leader all the way to a little dirt house that he made on 2k meanwhile Diakhaba told him the coords of the spanish base. Since he couldn't enjoy the server properly due to the problems with the pc, he refused to play until september.

At the beginning of September, when a server with friends got closed, he decided to try luck on Simpvp. He caught MrDavid99 and PowerXInfinito online and he messaged them. They were going to help him, but he first had to walk at least 6k away from spawn, so they could come near to take him to base. He was sent to Belgium, the main base of the Spanish Inquisition. Once there, they made a tour around and took him to 4 a.m base too. By the end of the day, he got the main stuff that he needed and was building on 4 a.m.

PowerXInfinito is well known by the spanish for their blood hunger: he always wants to make pvp. Since the other members of the Inquisition didn't want to help him while running away from Power, he founded "Exilio", a secret base far away from their basemates, when he spent more than 2 weeks hiding from PowerXInfinito.

During this time, he left the CoF, where he was a builder in constructions like the Gibraltar Castle (currently griefed by the PC), and joined PC, where he would fight against those spanish haters that killed him on his first day. He took part in small battles and griefs, but he always said that the war is not the way. When the Holy War started to get hard and bad, he refused to battle against people and decided to leave the People's Coalition, and he made himself a "neutral player".

In the present, _letrasado always try to be nice with everybody, and respect every single player on the server, since he wants to be respected. With Chipinazo, they're the most active players on the Spanish Inquisition, even if he get hated by their basemates by spending some time afk.


_letrasado first project was the 4 a.m. house, a big modern mansion in 4 a.m base that was supposed to host new inquisitors when they first join the clan. The project was finished but actually, nobody use that base, so the house is abandoned. (Funcact: there's a panda living there named Lucas Vázquez, as the Real Madrid player)

Once he finished that, he started more important projects on Belgica, as the "Valle de los caídos", the "Inquisition's turtle refuge", or the spanish mapart base. He also explode Nikoxlas's Nuclear Plant (PowerXInfinito still mad at him). _letrasado is the main helper of Chipinazo while building, and they made together some beautiful constructions as the Eiffel Tower or the Glory Wall. Important mention to the Justice Palace that he made to judge the superiority abuse of some spanish players; and his home, a Nintendo Switch :D

Along with Chipinazo and JJ_Bellota, _letrasado started "Hispania", a big base designed for aesthetic buildings. The Spanish Inquisition moved there while getting started the base so Jake and the rest of the fatass of the YMP didn't get the Belgica coords. The base is still on building but is not the main base anymore. More players as Pxpl11 and Juane9 got involved later on the construction of Hispania.

Due to problems with MrDavid99 and PowerXInfinito, he decided to take back the project of "Exilio", a secret base where he could refuge from his murderers. He long travelled back to the base where he started from 0, but there there won't be more explosions to his buildings or he won't get no more pets killed. Since Pxpl11 got the same problem with the same people, _letrasado offered him to move there (he accepted the offer). Chipinazo, DrTuxedo, Diakhaba and Marcosgo12 joined the project too, where they're currently hardworking to make a autosuficient base.

The base got found by a security problem: Nikoxlas didn't saw PowerXInfinito and MrDavid99 following him, so they got into Exilio I. Nowadays, that base is public to all the spaniards since it have some efficient and good farms. Anyways, the civil war intesifies everyday, even more when Diakhaba took his revenge of Exilio I discovery, by bombing Belgica. By the moment the new got public, _letrasado and Diakhaba wan away from David and Power by founding Exilio II, a new reborn, this time just being knowed by they two. With more farms than Exilio I, they have no conexion with other spanish bases, so they don't get discovered.

_letrasado is also helping building Albacete, the actual main base of the Spanish inquisition. A mega city far away from Hispania and the others to keep safe from external attacks. But the situation of the spaniards make the work harder, since MrDavid, by the order of the HSoF, is trying to get the coords of the new Exilio.

Special mentions

As editor of the wiki, i would like to take a small part to thank many players that helped me during my travel on Simpvp:

*My basemates, that always helped me, os quiero chavales
*HSoF members, that even wanting to kill me, was always up to help me
*Pc members, that took me to their home when I had nothing
*Neutral players which I enjoy spending time with
*Aveztruz1414, the one that really explained plenty of things to me about the server and the stuff
*A la madre de Diakhaba, que es mu maja

As I always say: Viva España y gloria a los aliados de la gran nación!