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Ingame name: Nikoxlas
Status: somewhat active
First joined: May 5th, 2020

Location: Spain

Clans: Spanish Inquisition (Former), Confederacy of Man (Former) The alpha Chads of Simpvp
Bases: Hispania, Belgium, 4 A.M, Exilio, Exilio II, Albacete, Nueva Confederada, Phoenix, Supernova bitch base Confederacy Capital City

"pinneapple pizza"

Nikoxlas is a Spanish user who joined on May 5th 2020. He was one of the leaders of the Spanish Inquisition, but he left due to the internal conflicts of the faction. He is, also, the co-founder of the Confederacy of Man, and he used to live in the capital of the faction, Phoenix.


First steps

Nikoxlas joined on May 5th, 2020, after the owner of a Spanish instagram account called @ahorasinllorar posted a story about the server (Jocosoman). Niko joined the server with other spaniards, and most of them got together, creating the Spanish Inquisition. Sellout9 gave Nikoxlas a full enchanted diamond set in exchange of mining obsidian, a gear that Niko couldnt use when Lord1 and his team attacked the Spanish in their first base using a Spanish betrayer (luispatapalo), because Niko was offline at that moment. However, the Spanish managed to regroup and they founded their second base.

Spanish Inquisition

Nikoxlas made lots of friends in the clan, and he founded and helped to build lots of bases, like Belgica, Hispania o Albacete. However, he wasnt that active, having around 100-200 hours after his first year, and he left the Spanish Inquisition among other spaniards when some troubles started appearing inside the clan.

He died at the start of The Imperial War by a huge (8-12) group of PC troops in /world because he was part of the Inquisition which was a main ally of Francis, losing all his gear. He didn't have a way to make fast another set, so he didn't play the server because he was lazy to farm and shit.

In December 2020, after dying in the Imperial War, he joined a private server with around 20 irl friends, a server that died after ~3 months. Then, he decided to join Simpvp again bringing some irl friends and, most important, bringing controversy and mayhem.

Confederacy of Man

Niko wanted to arrange a team made of irl friends to start creating the headquarters of their new base, so he brought some users like Cortle, NotMykeYT, jaumee21, CapitanJamon and Resuki, which is still active.

Nikoxlas created the Confederacy of Man, a clan that had as main purposes fight the Empire of Francis, creating tons of materials to sell at ridiculous low prices and helping noobs with the Confederacy New Players Aid Program, which ended up helping around 20 new players.

Lord1 declared war on the Confederacy, and after three months the Confederated players achieved to grief 2 Francilian bases and 1 Francilian allied base. Also, lots of players joined the Confederacy, and after only 3 months it had 15 players.

However and on the other hand, the Francilian sent spies to the Confederacy, a strategy that helped them to grief 2 times the main bases of the Confederacy (the most notable was the Battle of CCC). Also, by late August most of the Confederacy players were pretty much inactive, only joining once every 2 weeks. That lead Nikoxlas and Resuki to disband the Confederacy of Man on 30th August, 2021. Maybe it will be refounded in the future.