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Name: Majula

Status: Inactive

Formed: January 2018

Members: ostrich1414, Porkington, b9tumor, CranberryWarrior, Sir_Phenhex

Majula was a town founded by ostrich1414 in late January of 2018. Located in a plains biome, Majula consists of a massive, rectangular stone quarry, with various buildings and houses constructed around its perimeter. As an original base for The League, Majula benefited the team for two reasons: it provided the League with a massive amount of stone and other building materials, and it allowed new recruits from Grasstle to come and build, giving them more of a say in the town's planning. Eventually, Majula was abandoned, marking it as one of the League's largest unfinished bases, as well as the League's last original base.


Life in the Quarry

In late January of 2018, ostrich1414 located the area of what is now Majula with the intent to create a large quarry, which would provide the League with large amounts of stone, granite, dirorite, and other materials. Here, he spent many days living in the depths of the ever-decreasing quarry, mining away block after block as he began to fill up dozens of chests. However, while working in the quarry, ostrich1414 had the idea to use some of this stone to build a town around the edge of the rectangular quarry; a town that would be built using Imperial Architecture, as he had previously done at Quinsigamond. Thus, once the quarry itself was complete and ostrich1414 had hit bedrock, he began to focus on planning the town that would be built around it.

The Rise of Majula

As he began work on the town's buildings, ostrich1414 invited fellow League co-founder Porkington to come and join him in his project. Here, the two built around the edge of the quarry in Pork's own Imperial Architecture, as well as thinking of a name for the town. Porkington eventually suggested the name "Majula", which was immediately adopted as the town's official name.

Similarly to what was done at Grasstle, ostrich1414 decided to bring new recruits to Majula; he viewed it as a second step up from Grasstle. From late January to early February of 2018, ostrich1414 brought over b9tumor, CranberryWarrior, and Sir_Phenhex, allowing them to live and work in Majula as they pleased. Here, construction continued, and the town's infrastructure grew immensely.

Infiltration and Abandonment

Around mid-February and early-March of 2018, unknown to ostrich1414 and Porkington, a secret informant had somehow infiltrated Majula and released its data and coordinates to rival player clipchip, who, at the time, was engaged within a tense cold war with The League. Clipchip and his ally JavelinFury utilized this "spy" to attempt to sabotage Majula and stage an attack on ostrich1414; however, this attack never occurred as ostrich1414 would eventually abandon the project and become increasingly more inactive on the server.

Though clipchip's secret spy has never been known or revealed, ostrich1414 and Porkington were able to discover that this was the case and thus, as the quarry was finished and the town was only just beginning to grow, saw no more potential use for Majula. Thus, ostrich1414 left Sir_Phenhex in charge of the town, where he would stay and perform maintenance and other minor operations before seemingly abandoning it as well. As of the summer of 2018, the town of Majula was no longer active, and was thus declared by ostrich1414 to be a "dead town".