Mushroom Kingdom

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Mushroom Kingdom
Name: Mushroom Kingdom

Status: Severely griefed

Coords: X: -103,000 Z: -69,000
Members: RevStoningpot, Eggthief, Oldolwa, Mr_Hole_Digger,

LetsGetTr0pical, FoSchnizzle, Morganrath

Mushroom Kingdom was an exclusive community organized by RevStoningpot. It consists of a common hub that is free for everyone, and then a variety of plots that can be claimed by residents. It has a thread on the forum. It was griefed early December 2017.

Lands in the kingdom and the owners of the land include: Castle Toadstool - RevStoningpot, Ice World - Mr_Hole_Digger, Blooper Bay - EggThief, Yoshi Island - LetsGetTr0pical, Dark World - Oldolwa, Donkey Kong Island - FoSchnizzle, Vanilla Dome - Morganrath, The Hub - Everyone's and Donut Plains and the Isle of Defino are still open for new members. A video showing The Hub and warp pipe system is here [1] Co-ords are now public as of 2017-03-20. Also there is a connection to Suit1337's Nether Subway.