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Name: Mythruindale

Status: Active

Formed: February 12th, 2019

Location: Triterrus

Mythruindale (pronounced “myth-ruin-dale”) is a medieval/greek themed base to the North-Western edge of Triterrus, founded by Triterrus’ Secretary of Architecure, Duffilufagus. It’s design was inspired by medieval concepts of castles and the surrounding infrastructure, combined with Roman open-concept villas and pergolas.


Early History

Construction began on Mythruindale in early February of 2019. It’s location was decided to be behind a large hill to the west of Hamieb’s base Center Triterrus.

Large Improvements

After a large deforestation of the territory, terraforming began with a tiered layout containing hedges and intricate paths.


One of many guard-towers dotting the outer wall of Mythruindale
The brick-domed pavilion that meets you on entrance
A ground angle of the main houses