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Palau Overview.png
Name: Palau

Status: Abandoned

Formed: August 30th, 2020
Abandoned: August 30th, 2020

Members: Paul358, ostrich1414, seventwoworlds, Qyburn_, TheOnlySlash

Palau was an island town founded on August 30th, 2020, by the players Paul358, ostrich1414, seventwoworlds, Qyburn_, and TheOnlySlash. Named in honor of Paul358, the island town was meant to be a new utopia of peace and prosperity -- until it was consumed by violence. Palau lasted an astonishing 24 minutes before the Massacre of Palau took place, resulting in the death of Qyburn_ and the bed trapping of Paul358 under TheOnlySlash, as well as the grief of ostrich1414's in-progress tower.

Palau is now known as SimPvP's shortest-lived base, lasting exactly 24 minutes until it was abandoned.


Palau is Formed

On August 30th, 2020, Paul358 joined SimPvP as a new player, looking to get started on the server. He was eventually led to the PvP world, where he was captured by seventwoworlds; after escaping to spawn, ostrich1414 met him and geared him up, before leading him to the nether. Soon after, ostrich1414 and seventwoworlds followed Paul358 as the three decided to establish a new base in Paul358's honor; they were later joined by Qyburn_ and TheOnlySlash.

This new base would be named Palau, a combination of Paul358's name and the real-life island nation the Republic of Palau, as it was fittingly settled on a tropical island tens of thousands of blocks from spawn. The crew immediately set to work, with seventwoworlds, Qyburn_ and ostrich1414 all constructing structures on the island and organizing its storage facilities.

Palau Overview.png

The Massacre of Palau

Unfortunately, this sense of peace would not last long. After luring Paul358 to a bed and having him set his spawn, TheOnlySlash began to attack him, killing him instantly and bed trapping him.

Massacre of Palau 1.png

Qyburn_ attempted to intervene and save Paul358, breaking the obsidian barrier around his bed and trying to destroy his spawnpoint. TheOnlySlash noticed this and crystalled Qyburn_, killing him and injuring both seventwoworlds and ostrich1414, as well as resulting in the grief of ostrich1414's in-progress tower.

Massacre of Palau 2.png

After seventwoworlds fled the island for safety, and with Qyburn_ now dead, TheOnlySlash began to repeatedly kill Paul358 in his bed trap, much to his dismay.

Massacre of Palau 3.png Massacre of Palau 4.png


In total, the island town of Palau lasted exactly 24 minutes, from settlement to abandonment; the Massacre of Palau left a scar on the once-flourishing base, only aiding in this town's infamy as the server's shortest-lived base. It was promptly abandoned by all members, leaving behind only the hollow shells of construction projects still in progress, never to be used again.