Poop City

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Poop City
Name: Poop City

Status: Clinically Depressed

Formed: The 21st Night of September, 2017

Members: ostrich1414

Poop City is a spectacular base founded by ostrich1414 on the 21st Night of September, 2017. Poop City is comprised of a single dirt block, netherrack, orange terracotta, a spruce fence, a redstone block and rotten flesh. Poop City is arguably the single most important base on SimPvP and anyone who says otherwise will be banned and their IP address will be traced and then they will fucking die. Poop City was going to be the capital city of the United Alliance, but it was far too superior and advanced to house such a primitive organization.


Poop City was founded on please help me seriously please help me this is a cry for help i am not joking anymore i am clinically depressed and i am currently writing my suicide note as we speak help please i cant take it anymore my depression is taking over my life i feel lonely and unloved i need someone please hey wont you stay come on wait no dont go please stop no dont leave me damnit all alone again haha oh well im used to it dont worry haha anyways im going to kill myself and i have no gf goodnight