Void City

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Void City
Name: Void City

Status: Under Construction

Formed: October 3, 2020

Coords: Wouldn't you like to know
Members: Korijenkins (Mayor), Clipchip, Ostrich1414, TheOnlySlash, Dariepearjuicy, JavelinFury, HedgehogMind, MisterStrawman
Clans: Neutral (Officially), North Koria (Clan) (Claimant), The Order of Wilbur (Claimant), The Conspiracy (Claimant)

Void City is a futuristic base on the server; a collaborative effort undertaken by 8 players with different backgrounds and different specialties. One notable attraction of the base is the Pippenger National History Museum that straddles the border between the residential district and Downtown.