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Name: Pristinia

Status: Semi-Active
Date: c. 2013

Members: AntHand, Egnaroky
Clans: Caudices


Pristinia is a very old base, dating back to at least 2013, that has remained untouched for nearly 7 years despite its semi-closeness to spawn. While exploring near spawn for a dark oak mansion, egnaroky came across Pristinia, exploring its relatively large and sophisticated farms/buildings. Egnaroky shared the coords with the Caudices, and AntHand arrived shortly after. The base has served as a stepping stone in industry for the burgeoning team, complete with a natural-spawn mob farm, cave-spider grinder, and a large iron farm.

Uncovering the Story of the Natives

A noticeable aspect of this base was the team which built the structures to begin with. Numerous buildings are scattered in a thousand block radius, with a subterranean rail network connecting them all. A giant sugarcane tower marks town center, stretching all the way to build height. The architecture is simplistic, and the items in the storage room indicate a time frame between 2012-2015. Most interesting however are the message boards and signs, placed piecemeal around the settlement. The message boards leave dates at which the message was entered as well as referring to people in their IRL names. Given the months it took for people to respond to messages, the team was very inactive. What appears to have been the demise of this fairly wealthy base was the slowly diminishing player activity. The last person active at the base appears to have gone insane from loneliness, suffering a mental breakdown and writing tens of signs with the word 'poop' spammed on to them.If any of these long-inactive players return, they will find that they now live under Caudices Dominion.