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Ingame name: egnaroky
Status: Active
First joined: February 9th, 2019

Clans: Caudices (Current), Coalition of Allied Bases (Current), The Siege (Former)
Bases: Cliffhaven, Nil, Florestria, Mil, Yittrium

Egnaroky is a player who joined the server on February 9th, 2019. He is very closely associated with his real-life friend, AntHand, and the two have worked together on multiple projects during their time on SimPvP. Egnaroky is well known for many things, including his skill for constructing high-quality farms and machines, his "harmless pranks", and his bizarre, off-kilter comments on the Coalition of Allied Bases Discord page.


After joining the server on February 9th, 2019, egnaroky soon invited his friend, AntHand, who joined two days later on February 11th. The two first settled at a small, basic base not too far from Spawn, getting prepared and started out. However, egnaroky's first major action on the server would occur when he joined AntHand and their then-ally, Antzakes1, in attempting to lure and kill clipchip in the PvP world after he had killed AntHand during a trade. Although the plan was admirable, it ended in failure; luckily, egnaroky was able to escape, whereas his friend AntHand was not so lucky.

Egnaroky and AntHand eventually moved from their near-spawn base, heading somewhere much farther for safety. They settled on a landmass that looked similar to the Iberian Peninsula, causing AntHand to name it Iberia; egnaroky disagreed with this title. Nevertheless, the two worked to supply this base with farms and buildings.

In March 2019, after AntHand was invited to Florestria by ostrich1414, egnaroky was allowed to join the city as well. Egnaroky's first major role at Florestria came in the form of the notorious Pufferfish Genocide, when he deviously planted dozens of live pufferfish in various, random hidden spots. Since pufferfish cause damage when touched, it proved to be a huge nuisance, and resulted in ostrich1414 ordering the extermination of all pufferfish within the city.

During this time, around April 2019, egnaroky was invited to The Drago Guard's newest unnamed base, which was just getting started; however, only a few days later, the base was discovered and griefed, prompting egnaroky to abandon it and focus solely on Florestria.

While at Florestria, egnaroky greatly improved the city's wealth, status and power by becoming the head of operations for its gold farm, a massive obsidian structure that generated lots of XP and gold products. Egnaroky also created several other small-scale farms, but his operations would be cut short when Antzakes1 discovered coordinates to the city by using AntHand. This forced the residents of Florestria to flee as the city was compromised, under the threat of destruction.

After the incident, egnaroky joined the other Florestrians in their brand-new city, Yittrium, which was founded in May 2019. Yittrium quickly became more grand, large and wealthy than Florestria, prompting egnaroky to develop a massive to-do list for the new city. He developed Yittrium's first major farm, a slime farm, as well as planning a wither skeleton farm, a new gold farm, and an entire underground industrial sector.

Fun Facts

Some fun facts about egnaroky:

  • His player's skin has two layers: the netherrack skin you see on this page is his second layer, which cannot be seen in normal gameplay on Minecraft.
  • He is tied with talksalot011 for contributing the most random comments and discussions on both the server chat and Discord.
  • He is God.