Semper Idem II

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Semper Idem II
Name: Semper Idem II

Status: Active

Formed: December 16th, 2019

Members: TheOnlySlash, The_Arma, Zepheron, clipchip, JavelinFury
Clans: The Dominion

Semper Idem II is a base founded by three members of The Dominion on December 16th, 2019. After two of the Dominion's bases were evacuated and abandoned, Woah, It looks like a meteor hit here! and Xandus, three of its members - TheOnlySlash, The_Arma, and Zepheron - relocated to a new base, where they began to build. Semper Idem II is named after one of TheOnlySlash and The_Arma's previous bases from earlier in 2019, Semper Idem, which was a former base of The Fellowship.

Currently, Semper Idem II stands as the Dominion's central, most active base.