Semper Idem

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Semper Idem
Name: Semper Idem

Status: Griefed

Formed: February 17th, 2019
Abandoned: April 16th, 2019

Coords: Confidential
Members: TheOnlySlash, Rainyday203, Optarium, MutualistManiac, Comfortably_dumb, Pvperson, EverDust, Nagol101, The_Arma Tia444, __Hastunimike__, CranberryWarrior

Semper Idem (Meaning "Always the Same") was a medium-sized base built primarily by TheOnlySlash, Optarium and Rainyday203.

The Base is situated upon a Forest Biome, surrounded by an Ocean covered in Kelp and Underwater Ruins. The island consists of a mainly flat grassy expanse of land, The Front of the Base consists of TheOnlySlash's Original underground base, which remains unnamed as of writing but the southern coast consists of a sandy beach and is home to Rainyday203's Totem Tower.

The small Port and opening Area situated at the front of the base is on the edge of the ocean biome facing North, while the main buildings, Farms and Living Area are all based on the Forest Island and generally stand somewhere near the center, front or south part of the large island.

TheOnlySlash founded the base on February 17, 2019, shortly after building an underground base and a long winding mine at y: 12. Later, Rainyday203 joined on 3rd February 2019, building The Totem Tower a day later which finished construction on the 12/3/19.

On April 16th, 2019, AtacFauxpas discovered Semper Idem, griefing and raiding the base on behalf of the Fellowship of the Kittens. This action has been viewed as a direct result of the War of the Fellowships.