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Name: Zepheron
Ingame name: Zepheron
Status: Semi-Active
First joined: June 8th, 2019

Clans: The Order of Wilbur (Current), The Dominion (Current), The Republic (Current)
Bases: Unnamed Castle, Woah, It looks like a meteor hit here!, Exultia, Semper Idem II, Viridisaxum, City of the Divine Lord, Wilbur

Zepheron is a player who joined the server on June 8th, 2019. He has been very active with several players at a variety of bases, most notably with his involvement with the Church of Francis, The Order of Wilbur, The Dominion and The Holy Wilbur-Francis War. He is a skilled builder and fighter.


Zepheron joined the server on June 8th, 2019, where he was originally based over 25000 blocks out with Wolfiee_, iPyxis and Nav_Nav101. He then moved further out and built a more expansive bunker, at which point Fire__Kracken (now jailed) joined them. The group (which has never had a proper name) moved out very far, and LexiTheLlama also joined them. They all worked on a city, where Zepheron built his first castle on SimPvP. Group tensions rose when Zepheron's horse was killed (still unknown who did so to this day) and it escalated to the point of the Church of Francis ordering 33 KOS on Zepheron (as the rest of the base members were all part of the church - bar Nav_Nav101 who was for the most part inactive), and a few PvP duels ensued.

At this time, he was contacted by TheOnlySlash, who soon told him the coordinates of JezdziecBezNicka's Base, which he explored soon after. Zepheron then started to suspect Lord1 knew the coordinates to his group's base and was later proven correct when Lord1 turned up in October, though he had apparently been there before. Zepheron had already abandoned his projects there due to his earlier doubts, so it was not a difficult departure and he did so escaping minutes before Lord1 tried to attack him.

With no base, he headed back to Spawn, where he spent a few days exploring ruins and created yet again another bunker. At this point, The Holy Wilbur-Francis War had begun, and so, wanting some sort of revenge on the Church of Francis and also a purpose, Zepheron was recruited by ostrich1414 to fight under The Order of Wilbur. He took part in the Battle of Snowfrog and the Battle of Monarchia, both from which he emerged victorious, and after the battle he allied with TheOnlySlash, who was also in the Order of Wilbur. Zepheron and TheOnlySlash settled out in the millions and Zepheron was also invited to Woah, It looks like a meteor hit here! in November.

Around late November of 2019 The Dominion was forced into the Intervention War due to the Bloc for Clans declaring war on Shadow Mcmafia. Throughout the first few months of the war Zepheron took part in many of its more major PvP confrontations, killing multiple Bloc for Clans members and their allies ranging from Lord1 to Antzakes1, all while building up his first major solo base, Viridisaxum, based on a lavacast.

Zepheron played an active role in The Second Siege, which overtook the server on January 18th, 2020 after YouTuber MrCramYT announced plans to create a video on SimPvP. In response to this, fearful of the impact it may have, Zepheron and many other players united together, despite their differences, and worked towards the common goal of making spawn impenetrable, effectively trapping and stopping both MrCramYT and the noobs that may arrive as a result.

On January 31st, 2020, Zepheron was invited to ostrich1414's base, the City of the Divine Lord, Wilbur. Here, he would help contribute by focusing on the city's growing industries and agricultural sectors, showing an immense devotion to Wilbur and the city's growth. Zepheron made his first map art, Pink Floyd's 'The Dark Side Of The Moon' with ostrich1414 in mid-March of 2020. He then went on to mine 10,000 obsidian in a few days, resulting in him losing the will to live.

After the young but nonetheless grand city of Wilburia fell, he was understandably frustrated and stepped back from base building and SimPvP itself briefly. However he soon returned and swiftly began to develop plans to get back on his feet. Notable events around this period are his arrival at Exultia having been invited by its members, and also Operation Dry Boiz, a spawn lava casting project undertaken by The Dominion as retaliation against the Bloc for Clans' previous actions at said location.

In mid-2020, Zepheron consulted his closest allies about starting a new group, to oppose groups such as the Bloc for Clans and the Church of Francis. After a lot of planning, all that had to be done was a public announcement. Therefore, as the second SimPvP summit fell apart violently, Zepheron took the opportunity to announce the formation of The Republic, and immediately a multitude of players requested to join. Shortly after this, Lord1 appeared to declare war and so having held on to the coordinates of Two Words, the decision was taken to put them to use. Alongside clipchip, Korijenkins and TheOnlySlash they razed the city to the ground. After such a dramatic event, Zepheron decided to step back and work on the spawn highways, a project led by 4Pilot, and aided by Republic members, as well as focusing on providing goods in the Republic's shop. However he would soon return to griefing when together with Korijenkins and TheOnlySlash, they destroyed Olgremont, a Church of Francis base.

From the 7th of August to the 30th of September, Zepheron was in possession of a dragon egg, however the admins would announce that 'glitch eggs' were to be destroyed and thus he created a machine to eliminate it. A video showing this can be found here: https://youtu.be/sWgIloGbmjY

On the 13th of October 2020, after over 1000 hours played, Zepheron quit SimPvP. He expressed his feelings in his e-book which can be purchased from ostrich1414. What an incredible journey though. Peace out.


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