The Drago Guard

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The Drago Guard
Name: The Drago Guard

Status: Collapsed

Formed: March 17th 2019

Members: VetoTheNeato, IAmTheSheriff, WarWolf_13, Cheesy_chips22, ImpishFish, TSeriesIsGreat, AlphaWolf14
Bases: Drago Plateau, /world Peace Memorial

The Drago Guard was a group founded March 17th, 2019. It was founded by VetoTheNeato, with IAmTheSheriff, and WarWolf_13 joining soon after. The group was seen primarily as a pacifist group, though it has said that "If someone’s being a shithead we’ll kill em". The group was known to build settlements and was also allied with the Fellowship of the Kittens. They prided themselves on their redstone skills and grand utility builds. On March 21st, 2019, member VetoTheNeato created the /world house, a memorial to lasting peace on the server, despite being built in the middle of the War of the Fellowships. Featuring many automatic farms, their base, the amply-titled Drago Plateau, the group had multiple infinite food sources. The aesthetics of their base featured glass domes and stone brick architecture.

Description of the Drago Guard from VetoTheNeato's Wiki Article:

After multiple days of travel on foot and in boats, they arrived at what would be known as Fort Drago and began construction on The Drago Guard. Monthly progress videos were posted during this time, which have since been unlisted but can still be found on archived reddit posts and the Simpvp Youtube Video Archive. After Veto founded The Drago Guard, a new member, WarWolf_13 followed suit the day after he joined SimPvP. Fort Drago became the headquarters of the Drago Guard, which was a base that flourished with large builds and intricate architecture. The base featured multiple automatic farms, aesthetic builds, and the server's only 3x3 piston automated door. During this time, player JavelinFury found the base while looking for an old build of his. Veto was online at the time, and gave Jav a brief tour. Others, such as TheOnlySlash have found the base since then, but it has not once been raided, griefed, or leaked. One day, after Veto and Cheese completed work on a plaza build, they noticed a wolf sticking his head through a corner in the build. Even after multiple days, the wolf remained. Veto tamed the dog, and he was deemed "corner dog" or "Corneroy". He was a de facto mascot for Drago Guard and was used by Veto as an example of "Drago Guard's supreme power". As a sign of power and wealth, Veto, IamTheSheriff and Cheese began construction on the "Big Ass Tower". Estimated to have been made up of over 100,000 blocks, the tower stood tall above the rest of Drago Guard. Unfortunately, it was never 100% completed, as plans were made to add an even larger basement area, tunnel system, and more. Unfortunately, Fort Drago would later be abandoned, and the Drago Guard soon collapsed.