War of the Fellowships

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The War of the Fellowships
Name: The War of the Fellowships

Status: Ended by Default

Abandoned: Disbandment of FOK

Clans: The Fellowship, Fellowship of the Kittens. The Drago Guard, Triterrus, Empire Of Odin

The War of The Fellowships was a war between two clans, the Fellowship of the Kittens and The Fellowship with multiple allies being heavily included in the conflict including Triterrus and The Drago Guard. The war began on March 14th, 2019, when player and leader of The Fellowship, TheOnlySlash, attempted to assassinate three members of the Fellowship of the Kittens out of fear that he would miss his chance to ambush them with the planned help of Triterrus, He would then attempt to kill the original members with a crystal bomb. TheOnlySlash issued a kill-on-sight order immediately after the failed attack directed towards the FOK. The FOK subsequently declared war on the Fellowship, beginning The "War of the Fellowships".

The war was largely defined throughout its official period as a cold war, most of the war was fought through opposing ideas and propaganda throughout the beginning months, with each team acquiring different allies and affiliates to aid them should an attack take place. By mid-May 2019, the war had officially "ended" by default due to the Fellowship of the Kittens formally disbanding their team, with many of their players either moving on to new projects or leaving the server outright. The post-war period was defined with skirmishes and banter, containing more fighting than the actual duration of the war.

First base grief

  • AtacFauxpas -a member of the FOK- discovered the Fellowship's main base, Semper Idem. He severely griefed and raided the base, causing its members to flee to newer Fellowship bases such as: The Rape Cave and Fellowspear.


Progression of the "War"

Almost a month later, the Fellowship officially responded by griefing Fort Thunder, FOK recruitment outpost / Spawn base that was leaked by nohacksjustpigs (a alt of slash pretending to be a spy for Lord1 (unknown to Lord1 at the time)) in order to try get coords to the Fellowship bases.

Kittenspear and Syracusai were later destroyed by Korijenkins and TheOnlySlash after they successfully infiltrated the group with spies like Kojed who has been seen as Lord1s alt primarily, And nohacksjustpigs, TheOnlySlash's alt. Around what seemed to be the end of the war TheOnlySlash ordered Sentinal Korijenkins to leak all of The Fellowships bases to YMP and Antzakes1 in an attempt for Korijenkins to successfully infiltrate YMP, Unfortunately this blew up in their face once jake got banned because of a minimap mod that he showed IN THE FUCKING VIDEO HE MADE ABOUT RAIDING FELLOWSPEAR! By this point the "War" had ended by default with The Fellowship awaiting "Phase II", The FOK disbanded, The Drago Guard collapsed and Triterrus inactive. The Empire of Odin collapsed soon after the New Sorpigal raid

Notable Battles and Conflicts

  • Semper Idem: Griefed by the Fellowship of the Kittens (April 16th 2019)
  • Fort Thunder: Griefed by The Fellowship (May 15th 2019)
  • Syracusai: Griefed by The Fellowship (May 23rd 2019)