Cheesy chips22

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Ingame name: cheesy_chips22
Alts: micro_chips22
Status: Active
First joined: March 29th, 2019

Clans: The Drago Guard (Former), Shadow Mcmafia (Current)
Bases: Fort Drago, Shadow Mcmafia Capital, Yittrium

Cheesy_chips22 is a player who joined SimPvP on March 29th, 2019. He has been involved with many different cities and teams, including The Drago Guard, Shadow Mcmafia and Yittrium. Cheesy_chips22 is well-known for his detailed terraforming and whimsical fantasy-inspired builds.


On March 29, 2019, the player cheesy_chips22 was invited to SimPvP by VetoTheNeato. Veto invited Cheesy to a team called The Drago Guard. He instantly began building and landscaping. He often built small, in large quantities. He is most known for his distinctive building and especially his landscaping.

Everything was going as normal until one day, he went to the PvP world where he was immediately interrogated by JavelinFury and clipchip. Luckily, his teammate IAmTheSheriff, who was a member of clip's group, the MCMAFIA, stopped them from killing him. After that we all had a /world party and cheesy became a member of the mcmafia. But one day, clip overthrew the last mcmafia leader and started the Shadow Mcmafia.

Cheesy admired clip's bravery and fought along his side. Whenever their was an event, Cheesy followed clip and often sacrificed his life for him. Cheesy had thought that clip had not noticed and hadn't cared, but it was quite the opposite.

Then Florestria and Struthio's coords had been leaked. Drago Guard, realizing their base was too close to spawn, decided to move. We asked one of our most trusted allies ostrich1414 to make us a portal in the multi-millions. When the portal was down we instantly started building our new home. We made the mistake of inviting too many members including most of YeeterMyPeeter, which was a fatal mistake. The coords had been leaked and someone had griefed the base, and to this day, it is still unknown who griefed it. It is also still unknown who actually leaked the coords, since YMP had said they wouldn't. So Drago Guard broke up like a band and scattered around SimPvP.

However clipchip decided to promote cheesy to Bodyguard and cheesy was honored. He knew he would need supplies so he and who was left of Drago Guard moved to a far out area to gather resources and build a base so amazing that no one would ever want to grief it. Well then the MC Capital was started so he just went there instead. There he built many things from castles, ships, bridges and more. He lived there for quite a while. But also at that same time, cheesy had his eyes on a different prize.

He wanted to join Yittrium. So he set up his campaign. The first step was to ask ostrich1414 as much as he could, until he said either no or yes. But, then keep asking until he said yes. (which he obviously did). It was actually much quicker than cheesy would've thought. After the whole Florestria thing had gone done, the team wanted to be more secure and they decided to not invite anyone for a while. So natuarally, cheesy set up his campaign for about a year. It only took about 2 weeks. Many still don't understand how this miracle came to be, the vote was posted on the Yittrium Discord, and everyone said yes. Ost even said this about cheesy for his reasoning: "I just think cheesy is too good of an asset to pass up tbh." At this point, Cheesy felt like he had a purpose. He was actually wanted at a base as big as Yittrium! And that is where he resides to this day under his alt, micro_chips22.