The Fulgurator

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The Fulgurator
Ingame name: The_Fulgurator
Alts: Pippenger, Porkington, AllSixSix, and others
Status: Active
First joined: October 20th 2013

Location: Undisclosed

Bases: Virunum

The Fulgurator is Pippenger's younger brother. Pippenger later stole the account, and Fulg is now more or less an alt of Pippenger. The player originally known as Fulg now plays under the name Atroxes. However, The_Fulgurator retains the original skin created by its first owner.

Pippenger used this account to create the city Virunum, and at the time, few knew that it was actually Pippenger.

In November 2017, The_Fulgurator began working on Oberstein alongside ostrich1414, which consists of a series of Imperial Architecture-styled buildings strewn out across a large extreme hills biome. He continues to expand the base to this day.