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Name: Oberstein

Status: Destroyed

Formed: November 2017

Members: The_Fulgurator, OstrichsCoolAlt, Master_Xybot, Sellout9

Oberstein was a city founded by Porkington, ostrich1414, and Master_Xybot in November 2017. Located within close proximity to Spawn, Oberstein was conceived shortly after the new map of spawn was released on November 15th, 2017. Consisting mainly of stone brick structures based off of Porkington's own Imperial Architecture, the base was built to be an impressive addition to the spawn map and to be discovered by newcomers as a potential server landmark, hearkening to The League's aspirations of spawn relations.

Click this link for a video of Oberstein from October 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElF82LJq7Ys


An Ambitious Plan

In the midst of larger, far-away projects including Estevez and Struthio, the League was forming a new set of goals: to strengthen relations with new players and to leave a long-term, positive impression on Spawn and its outskirts. Porkington, who had always held a fascination for the spawn area, pushed the League to develop spawn and came up with the idea of constructing a large, expansive city within its limits. Shortly after the release of the new spawn map on November 15th, 2017 (found here: [1]), Porkington furthered this idea by proposing that this city should be able to stand out on the next server map and should be as easily seen as other massive player-made contributions near spawn, including Infam0us2's mountains. Though an ambitious idea, the three League co-founders were immersed in the plan and began work on it shortly thereafter.

Construction Begins

After finding a suitable location, which was in the midst of an extreme hills biome adorned with massive mountains and hills, Porkington and ostrich1414 sent their alts to go work on it: The_Fulgurator and OstrichsCoolAlt (formerly OstrichsGayAlt), respectively. Master_Xybot himself arrived as well, and the three began construction immediately, focusing their work atop one of the largest mountains. The three used the guidelines of Imperial Architecture as their style of building, and quickly began to construct a multitude of stone brick structures. Working very quickly, the three finished the first mountain within hours, building multiple structures every hour. Planning to make this a fast-paced project, Porkington wanted to speed through the city, and planned to create a complex of different "mini-cities" atop each mountain, connected by a series of bridges and tunnels. Eventually, the name "Oberstein" was decided on as the title for the city complex as a whole, and the three founders shortly finished up with their first portion.

Oberstein's Hiatus

After the first mountain city was complete, the three began working on the second mountain, but construction quickly came to a halt, for various reasons. The three were very focused on other builds, specifically Estevez and Struthio, and had little time to focus on more aesthetic builds like Oberstein that would generate little profit for them. Also, other projects near spawn were beginning to break through, including the inception of Grasstle and, eventually, the annexation of Argemone, which put a much larger emphasis on recruitment and preparing new players for a long-term career on the server. Eventually, the League officially placed Oberstein on an indefinite hiatus, focusing on other more pressing projects; however, they never got a chance to return to it, as the team officially disbanded on September 28th, 2018.

Return to Oberstein

In mid-October 2018, shortly after the disbanding of the League, former members Porkington and ostrich1414 were working on their much larger base, Struthio, when a renewed interest in Oberstein was formed. This was mainly in part due to the anticipation of the 2018 spawn map, as the original purpose of Oberstein was to be large enough to appear on the spawn map to the naked eye. When Yukarion explained that the long-awaited update to the spawn map would be happening within weeks, even days, ostrich1414 and Porkington jumped at the opportunity to finish their hill city near spawn. This time, they focused on furnishing various other nearby hills and mountains, adorning them with bridges and buildings. The area quickly began to grow in size, and soon ideas were formed to make the city much more grand in nature, rather than simply a "quantity over quality" build. The two eventually recruited Sellout9, who assisted them with construction.

Aside from the central city itself, Porkington (once again using The_Fulgurator) and ostrich1414 also began work on a tall tower nearby the base, meant to reach the world height limit, which required even more stone than before. Aside from these projects, Oberstein also contained some surprises: when the duo returned, they found a dirt message floating in the air reading "DAB!" - to this day, nobody knows who made it or when it was made.


Somewhere in March 2019, Oberstein was griefed by Phrasings as part of the Youtube video that got them jailed.


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