The Lucky Lapin

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The Lucky Lapin
Ingame name: The_Lucky_Lapin
Alts: nadernouh
Status: In-Active
First joined: Feb 16th 2019

Clans: #TeamYMP
Bases: Unknown


The_Lucky_Lapin is a user of the Simplicity PVP server who is part of #TeamYMP. He has attacked multiple large and old bases, and taken place in the Novus Castle Raid of February 17th.


This player has been know to spent large amounts of time on his griefs, with the longest taking 6 hours to complete (Glowstone Tower). He is often know to work alone of these raids, but sometimes works with fellow #TeamYMP members. This player is know for getting the best in his special ed class with 3/100 marks. While his other class mates scored 5/100. Which he says 3rd place is better than 5th place so that means i the smartest. He has harassed cmlove requesting tiddie pictures while says she has DDD Cups because he can smell them.


Some of the raids he has done are as listed here.

Glowstone Tower

Novus Castle

Snowfrog castle



I wonder what will appear here shortly...