The Tomb

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The Tomb
Name: The Tomb

Status: Inactive

Formed: August 2017

Members: ypy

The Tomb is a base founded by ypy in August 2017. Located in a desert biome, it consists of a large palace-like structure mainly comprised of sandstone, known as "The Tomb", situated alongside a functioning NPC village. The Tomb was created by ypy under the United Alliance, and officially became the third base specifically built under the UA.

After the UA disbanded following the War of Monarchia on October 6th, 2017, the Tomb was claimed by The Royal Allegiance; however, not much would come during this period of time, as the RA was very inactive and ypy disappeared from the server altogether. This led the Tomb to fall into disarray and become promptly abandoned thereafter.


TheTomb1.png TheTomb2.png